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aka stoner snack 101. when will there be a term for drunk munchies? anyway, this usually happens when you don’t eat enough before going out and then on the way home fil someone says aw come on do you really need to go to the store i’m not hungry ok fine we have those pita chips i can deal then muhfuckur eats the entire bowl lying down in bed before you even make it back from the bathroom.

trying to describe (to someone who has not yet experienced their perfection) what these little bitches taste like would be like trying to describe a monet to a blind person.

fil it’s your turn to clean the stove.

oh god yes.

find a nice pita break it in half flavour side down and get the light laughing cow cheeses you really won’t be able to tell the difference from the regular guys.

break a cheese in half to spread it out cos it’s so rich.

then top it off with one of these party guests. you’d think it’d take away from the whole equation but actually it adds to it, brings all the flavour together nicely. if these were laid out on a platter at a party in a corner of the room and you were the only one who noticed you’d eat the entire fucking tray i bet you 500 dollars.

and now for my other new discovery last nite that i am “making a thing” – i realized that guys are the new girls, seriously, these four quacks were just gabbin’ away like no big thing at all meanwhile us four broads sat all in a row totally ignored and once you finally got a word in they’d just stare blankly at you then go back into their sex and the city world. i know! when did this happen? guys are like livin’ large all independent and casual and uh whatever it was funnier to me at the time. another good zinger to brosz7 was you’re so drunk you couldn’t even play the triangle then he pissed himself laughing at it for a bit. he considered himself a 4/10 for drunk at the time HA right! more like an 8.9 guy can’t even tell his own drunk also it is illegal for guys to admit that too. one more thing i like how wordpress now identifies ‘brosz7′ as a real word and doesn’t underline it in red.

UPDATE: brosz7 puked up his big mac and has since admitted to being over an 8. i win and am always right.

i keep going over in my head all the things i did and did not say. sean and i want to do more of these presentations. in fact when i was up there one woman interrupted and asked if i did it all the time i was so entertainy i said over the mic uh do you think i should? then all the women fiercely nodded their heads off. nice. so one thing, i’m going to expand on my points and put out a how to be famous on the internet book. why i haven’t already ugh anyway, my other emo book can wait. secondly more of these talks now that i’ve done it the scared has gone away.


sass blogged a little bit of the evening portion of wednesday nite (that i still haven’t) sean covered both the day and eve’s events as did casie.

i should get that dress in other colours too eh?

33 thoughts on “munchies

  1. another great drunk (or sober) snack is cheese whiz on a soda cracker with a slice of pickle on top. delish! and another weird one that is suprisingly delicious is a saltine with a slice of cheddar and half a marshmallow on top… put a tray of those in the oven and get them all melty and toasty. ohhhh ya.

  2. i thought my friend was insane when she made me eat a cracker with marshmallow and cheddar on it but it was so so good

  3. have you dipped a mcdonald’ french fry in a mcdonalds chocolate shake? havent had mcd’s in over 3 years but i would if i started again now i have to go look at this is why you’re fat dot com

  4. i use marshmallows to bait fish…works every goddamn time hehe

    speaking of pickles…try adding about a half oz or oz shot of DILL pickle juice (you know, from the jar) to a Caesar…

    you will be fucking impressed! :D

  5. If you start smoking weed again, you make sure I’m the second call you make, after you call your gardener.

  6. that one occurred to me as well ‘cept in my head i say it drunkchies and my brain keeps stumbling over it. actually i think it just grew on me. thank you for your help.

  7. woah i’m totally creeped out by another Lia on the commenths here… i’m all “wait wha? did i write that?”

    anyhoo i love your whole ensemble with the jacket and laptop bag. v. sweet.

    ps its me lia (p)

  8. really? dairylea? i am on coke, and that thought is really…can you imagine anything worse than imagining dairylea on coke? No.

  9. I’m happy to oblige, Ms.TheMinx. my friends and I have been using that one for years.

  10. Holy Cow…know this is old but I saw the cheese, wanted the cheese but it was a no show ‘down under’. Then, udderly freakin fantastic! Voila it appears on tv in an ad and then i find it today. No light version how evs! Still you infultrate my mind and taste buds with your foodiness/goodness. Gaah. K x

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