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while you wait for the others

sweat machine.

freaking out.

then rob was finally finished (he will just talk and talk and talk if you let him but it was good cos i was nervous and needed more time to hang with yankee jim) petitefashionista went afterward then i went last and all the nerves just disappeared the second i got up there i made everyone laugh quite a bit, they felt me and were impressed by my steez. some people fear public speaking more than death. fact. i tried to remember business classes and pretty much every single class ever how much i enjoyed giving presentations (when i was prepared for them) and talking for as long as possible.

then everyone got to see from where the magic happens. good thing it wasn’t hello kitty or lindsay lohan.

sean was a great help, he took some vids and snaps with his camera so you’ll have to wait on those. thanks guy.

all done so relieved, met many an interesting person afterward and exchanged cards, looking forward to future partnerships and maybe some more speaking engagements.

piece a cake.

more photos from the rest of the evening later.

i had 7 pages full of stuff i wanted to talk about and if i was nervous enough i woulda just read right through all of it in one minute. i think holding the microphone calmed me right down, at first rob was speaking without one then petite went up and she speaks so quietly someone asked if she could use a mic. i opened with my niche being for those who are 5’5 and up and everyone laughed, every time you get a laugh endorphins release. i used the term ‘cray cray’ then explained it meant crazy. more laughs. i was exactly myself and it all worked just fine. rob says i shouldn’t swear but what does he know every time i dropped an f-bomb or said shit everyone seemed to relax a little bit more. i’m not changing for anyone all those alleged non-existent grannies can blow me.

22 thoughts on “while you wait for the others

  1. oh but i crapped like 4 times yesterday beforehand and i hadn’t had metamucil in two days purposely, even the day before it was an s-show. that is all. thanks guys!

  2. Grannies indeed. You looked great. and yah your biggest appeal is def realness. forrealsies.

  3. Yeah Phronk we all missed you. You should move to Toronto.
    Raymi you’re the bomb. I really hope you do make your speech into an ebook someday, you have a lot of good stories and even better advice for bloggers.

  4. Congratulations on your talk and it going well. The topic is something you are passionate about.
    Nice that you can be yourself.
    What other words can we substitute for the F and S word now?

  5. It’s okay for your to “work blue.” Now take the show on the road! “An Intimate Evening With Raymi the Minx” $75.

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  7. right on. knew you’d do great… i woulda shit my pants too. and a bunch of times… too. heh

  8. CityEvents would like to thank you for coming out and helping make SMOjoe’s “How to Be Famous on the Internet” workshop a great success! Everyone seemed to be really interested in what you had to say, and we think it was a lot of valuable information. It was cool to see your stats, pretty amazing. It’s nice to know that the best way to build readership is to just be yourself (which you are proof of)!

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