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all the blondes of fantasies

and just like that the book stack painting is SOLD.

still in progress both of these. cid stepped in some maroon paint and i had to chase him around with a bundle of wet napkins, guess how he took to that ugh.

time to tidy the junk chair.

the bad kids are in the park right now i totally wouldn’t mind at all if every single one of ‘em burst into painful agonizing flames newp, wouldn’t bat an eyelash. i’m sorry but there is just something amazingly irritating about on the cusp of puberty boys’ screeching voices, yelling at the top of their lungs for no &%#$^# reason and banging shit like crazy against trees and every single metal piece of the park. i need to move into a hot air balloon far far away from here. oh nice they’ve moved on to whistling now.

interesting coincidence with the title i chose for this post. the value of jen‘s painting (that i need to give her sometime this decade) just went up.

i must have a proper finished product photo of it somewhere.

11 thoughts on “all the blondes of fantasies

  1. Cwwwapp! have you posted that book painting before? If I’d a seen it first it’d be mine now!!

    Anybody know where ian lives, what kinda locks he has on his doors ‘n windows? Anyone up for doing a little bennie for me?

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