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something is technically wrong

i can’t log into twitter and it is sad and what’s sad about it is the fact that i am actually sad about it. all i want right now is a little coffee distraction and to plunk some dumb links up in thur for my peeps. one top reason i dig the twitter is you don’t have to make an entire post just for some random thought that came to you just put it in twitter and then someone decides it was actually funny and they let you know BAM instant gratification. anyway, i’m makin’ time here when i should be showering but i am too nervous/pumped to get up off the couch yet. they’re touting me as a DIVA for this speaking engagement “Meet Raymi Lauren, the diva behind” great so when i actually say something bitchy i won’t be able to escape that title. who decided on that i’d like to know. i mean, i can sort of sing but i’m not exactly mariah carey-like demanding. i have a handout for everyone, key points to go through as well as like 6 pages full of minutea charting my entire internet footpath. on the one hand should i be intimidated by these corporate business types or should i own it i mean, they’re coming to learn how to do what i have achieved. i am way over-thinking this. the weather isn’t helping either i was planning to bike over, just as well i suppose, easier to cab. biking with laptop is pretty annoying and painful and i show up hella more sweaty than just with my purse.

also what the hell should i wear for this???? PS. it’s 433 king st. west not 533

they’re still filming in our hood and a tent is set up in the park and we keep seeing hipster-types swinging on the swings. hipsters do not hang in this hood so they’re clearly cast members. fil zoomed in with his camera last nite on their faces to see if one was michael cera. so far no michael cera. i wanted to be like hey guys come hang out at our place the only stipulation is you have to bring michael.

15 thoughts on “something is technically wrong

  1. yo – I am the corporate types showing up. i suspect at least a few of us will be the sort who are kinda leading double or even triple lives as far as blogging n stuff goes and this seminar is great as the company pays for it, and my art career benefits. if you can help me escape this hell, then i promise i will never call you “diva”

  2. Girl, I was gone for a week and came back to find all these new outfits in your posts that look fab! The leopard shirt is lovely, but I say play up your height and tower over those business types!

  3. I’m getting ready to come and hear you speak and have no idea what to wear…. Not a corporate type and am really looking forward to it!

  4. Hope those jitters have disappeared, everyone is eager to hear your piece, isn’t that awesome? Good luck I can’t wait to see the vids and reactions and all that. Good vibes your way!!!

  5. i’m sure you’ll rock it… let the anxiety give you that fast-thinking edge and remember that you’re guaranteed to be doing waaaaaay better than it feels at the time. and if you fuck up, unless you pass out and fall down or something, it’s doubtful anyone else will notice. break some legs!

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