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i can feel your ghost when i’m alone

i got the sniffles yesterday from a dumb late nite patio move sunday evening then riding my bike home practically naked in the chilly wind, the sniffles are gone now and i think the possibility of a cold has sailed, phewf. i had to bail on tattoo’s i met the walrus book event last nite cos my nose wouldn’t stop running all goddamn day long i went through infinity kleenexes.

oh head’s up, tomorrow’s speaking engagement has outgrown the spoke club’s space so it’s been changed:The address is 533 King Street West in cool loft style space of ICON Home Design (owned by BlackLine Studio Parlour) It is the South side of King just west of Spadina. more info here.

This is the during the day thing that’s separate from the top 12 bloggers thing which will still be at the spoke club that evening.

i’m pretty nervous, i haven’t publicly riffed in a long time, i need to have steve martin on speed dial or that city tv guy. if they can suffer from anxiety and constantly perform then so can i right? i guess tomorrow we’ll see ha.

got a slew of new footage to work with featuring sean and i’s feelings concerning certain ISSUES. he should have a video up by a little later on today. update: he blogged behind the scenes yesterday’s stuffsicles.

i eat for a portion of filming it seems like the longest meal ever. when the server brought it to me she apologizes for giving attitude downstairs and it’s all caught PROOF i am habitually treated like garbage from bitches – it makes me look like mother fucking theresa, all humble and no problem abouting it haha.

my hairstyle changes at least 30 times too. something mesmerizing about talking and looking at yourself. don’t worry, we discuss vanity and i kinda go on a tangent a few times.

if you ever have to film something go to the green room upstairs during the afternoon.

jamie even makes a cameo as he called me at one point.

sinus clearing jerk what fil made.

me bummed cos i had to stay in (totally tired anyway so it was just as well).

ok back to speech-tweaking wish me luck!

13 thoughts on “i can feel your ghost when i’m alone

  1. I can’t wait to finally meet you tomorrow. I’m looking forward to meeting Christa Jean too. You guys are so different – she is so prim and proper. It will be interesting to see you guys together…?

  2. you’re gonna kill it, rockstar.
    You’re the kind of garbage that people camp overnight in the bushes for so they can sell it on ebay for tens of thousands.

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  4. I’m sorry I’m going to miss you speak tomorrow evening. Sounds like it’s going to be a really great event though. Good luck and stick to your guns!

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