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dollhouse love

here’s a glimpse into my past. i partied with this thing quite a bit as a kid. my grandpa made it and over time my aunt added embellishments, renovating it along w the renovation of cedar grove the last summer before my grandpa died, using the same wallpaper adorning cedar grove’s walls, pieces of curtain too. sigh, time warp. so many fond memories of sundays spent at grandmas goin’ to town on this thing before hyper-spazzing it with my brother in the backyard after four glasses of pop.

i made a dollhouse wishlist photo set. i am seriously going to buy some of this stuff.

the furniture is pretty old school too, kinda art deco 70s i dunno.

most of these are quite blurry unfortch.

i am mad for miniatures.

i am so taken right back to childhood looking at that couch. my aunt told me this, ”
The wooden furniture that’s red and yellow, i.e. the couch etc., I got on Kerr Street at the hobby shop, I guess I was about eight or nine. So that would make it late fifties-early sixties vintage, and Scandinavian to boot.”

oh, ‘scuse us.

i always loved the mismatched furniture.

hmm i guess everyone moved out.

personal fave, most time was spent in the bathroom. see the border up there that’s from the same wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom at cedar grove.

then here of course. god that wallpaper has me in nostalgic zone big time.

now i just want to go buy a ton of dollhouse shit, i have a feeling i know someone who might also be into that quest.

ha ha i look so ridiculous posing like that when my niece is standing all normal.

those guys up there were havin’ a go with us, first saying no pictures then do we know the movie napoleon dynamite? yeah nice try dickweeds i’m pretty on top of things going on in my city i know what you’re filming here and ps. you’re just PAs piss off.

off to bday dinner at the bedford. fil’s tandoori chicken pizza mmmm.

pad thai still kills it.

birthday cake surprise! happy birthday once again xoxo. thanks for grandma’s kerchiefs too!

ooh nice.

i’ve been pretty homebody this weekend for multiple reasons and fil just wants to part-ay so i finally relented and said OK we can got for a walk (ha) to the movie store. we rented incendiary (michelle williams, ewan mcgregor movie) based on the book we both read, it’s good and painful plus the art imitating real life thing doesn’t get by you (her husband kicks it in the movie and well, you know the rest re: heath) anyway before we went home fil wanted to check out what the lab’s 3 dollar drink of the nite was. oh, tequila saturdays, that’s a wicked gamble seeing as it’s right beside the brunswick house (man i AM getting OLD) so i had one he had two, he wanted a third but people kept coming in and jamming around the bar and i have zero patience waiting for drinks. we got the window table seat and played cards, we even played 2 player asshole first with two hands each then divy’n up the deck halfsies, a lot of cards to hold man.

here is cid perving out

seriously, guy?

26 thoughts on “dollhouse love

  1. omg that dollhouse. THAT DOLLHOUSE. i will fully come over and play with you, except i am not being the lego guy.

    best post. so good. and you are so right i am all over that quest. lets do it!!!

  2. Ahhh this is amazing! Can I come over and play? Seriously though, I was contemplating buying a dollhouse for myself like 2 weeks ago and this is just reinforcing the inexplicable urge : )


  3. i’m gonna try and convince my aunt to host a dollhouse girls nite party and i am seriously going to buy a ton of new furniture for it.

  4. I’ve been wanting to make a dollhouse forever–have someone build it for me then I’ll pick out all the stuff for the inside. The excuse is that it’s for my “future children”…but it’s really for ME. I’ll just add that dream to my list of Things That I’ll Never Get Around to Doing…

  5. My friends mom would keep this one room in the basement for this dollhouse that she made to look like places she lived in the past. When family members died she’d make them a doll and talk to them… she kinda acted like she was keeping their souls happy. It was weird. We weren’t supposed to go in that room. It was outrageously meticulous. Matching outfits to their outfits they used to wear etc…

  6. Haven’t talked to that guy very much since high school. He lives in Toronto his mom up North so it’d be hard for me to. But if I find myself in that situation of course.

  7. She’d close the door and have private time in there and everything but in the basement is where we went to hang out and my friends room was down there. We’d here her talking and she would move the dolls around probably every day. She called them like Uncle Gregory and stuff too… (passed on relatives.) Sometimes she’d tell us how the dolls were doing.

  8. i had a 3 story dollhouse when i was a kid with a ton of really detailed wood furniture and little dolls, i can understand the obsession fa sure, i wished i still had it…

  9. btw GREAT profile pic of you there, your hair looks good!! you are so darn photogenic yet another thing i can be jealous of lol

  10. My Grandpa made me a dollhouse too, it was a replica of our cottage that he built….aw, memories :)

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