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leopard-skin pill-box hat

still working my way through some gift cards.

are these obviously aerosoles? i saw a woman checking them out before i noticed them, i stood very still and held my breath hoping she would just leave them be so i could try them on.

look out world here i come, me and my sensibilities, alright!

thanks k!

fil convinced me to play hooky yesterday and join him on the road.

ha ha ha.

we ate at that bistro in lowville park, always wondered what it was like. well, wonder no more. it is crap. they did so many wrong things and the price of their fare for what you get is bollocks.

for example, would i like fresh cracked pepper on my edamame? um, NO.

the burger was awesome though and the “shoe string” fries were tasty.

my pile of parm caesar. didn’t bring out the pepper for me i imagine because i hurt their feelings when i declined it for the edamame so i had to get up walk across the restaurant and get it myself and everyone’s face flushed, evidently ultimate restaurant shame when a patron has to crack their own pepper using the metre long grinder. meh. then we got to listen to all the pretentious local chatter, OOOH just got back from paris and yes it was divine. love it. my favourite was the old couple who sat in silence beside us for the duration of their meal and when the man finally thought up something to say the waitress came and interrupted with their meals. when she went away he asked his wife if her teeth were falling out. also, it’s coug central fyi single guys.

took the rest of the fries to go for a walkies.

it feels like only yesterday we went for our last fall walk here on what was the very last warm day and i said i’m so going tobogganing here come winter, which never happened, and wouldn’t you know it it’s already warm again.

ok pukestains more later.

sweet child o mine from raymi lauren on Vimeo.

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