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don’t judge me

you only live once right. what the heck is wrong with me lately? last week it was cookie dough. what’s next, crisco? kudos on metro placing a little debbie stand in the frozen meal section, when you’re too lazy and hungry to bother making something from scratch therefore already in a state of vulnerability. shockingly these are only 6g of fat per. i know this is nothing to you americans you have like 4 aisles dedicated to little D in your supermarkets and then 5 aisles of booze. i love you.

so not worth it.

in a beer desperation frenzy i thought his bag of donuts was a beer stein.

i do not get these big stuffed pieces of crap. i mean, i get it but like why would one want to take that home to collect dust in the corner of their basement only to sell it in a garage sale in a few months so some other shmoe can do the same until it eventually gets pitched. great for the environment also hello, those things go up in flames in less than a second. remember a current affair anyone? (omg i loved that show i still remember the sound effect in the opening, evidently it’s still on air, new sound effect?)

seat test.


gross. the guys all got hot dogs, i found yam fries. smuggle in food everyone also a mickey they don’t shake you down but they do look in bags. i saw one guy with a humongous tupperware container full of pretzel mix how the hell did he get that in, taped to his body?

there’s good hot dog smell and there’s bad hot dog smell. guess which one these are.

that’s us in there sans fil. he can’t do spinny rides.

first time trying the behemoth (we went on three times) and i think we are all nervous farting too. ha.

after. hot. my eyes gushed on each ride. like when i ride my bike in the cold but EXTREME.

looks like doc oc.

my hat matched so many things in the park. standing beside pizza pizza wasn’t at all embarrassing.

still funny. i discovered the cropping tool on my camera. handy for winners like these. the white patch adds to the overall messed up hair ensemble. we looked at this photo a hundred times throughout the day and pissed ourselves laughing.

nice hat you wiener. you know i didn’t see any hats like it at any of the games so this guy actually brought it from home specially. ugh, ravers.

you can’t really tell here but it was so cold my pointer finger turned all white. that’s some great circulation i got eh.

top gun, not fun. it’s over before you know it and then you have a headache. i told them but they never listen.

unrelated, cid has graduated to a bigger box but he still likes the little one.

boooooooooooooooring zone.

yes bro you look completely intimidating in front of this whimsical fountain in your practical dad outfit.

i’m fuckin’ scared.

i am so totally crabby at this point. my brother and dave kept stopping for smokes in the designated smoking areas they have scattered throughout and it was already annoying enough having to back track to the only place that was selling beer, irritating slow walkers in your way, lines, expensive everything, ugh. i didn’t understand why they couldn’t just hold off a couple minutes and smoke near the beer place. sigh, smokers, i want to strangle you, shove cigarette butts in your eyes and sand wash your face in ash. i dunno if i am more irritated by smoking because i am an ex-smoker or if i would be more irritated if i never smoked. i think it’s gotta be the former of the two. i do know that i love complaining about it a lot. i am turning into my mother.

at this point fil was v nauseous and this carousel was super slow.

after all the garbage we consumed we still went out for wings at kilgour’s.

walking by this for the fiftieth time you are like I GET IT FOUNTAIN FUCK OFF!

another waste of time at the ghoster coaster.

ok bye!

7 thoughts on “don’t judge me

  1. You are sure getting a lot of mileage out of those Wonderland pics!

    I am dying to try out that ride you said looks like Doc Ock. That looks like fun.

    I am scared of any kind of Drop Zone rides ever since reading The 5 People You Meet In Heaven.

    Did you happen to take a full-on photo of the rainbow at the entrance to kiddie land? I am curious what it says on it now. I only remember it saying Hanna-Barbara Land but it would not say that any more.

    And who is that banana mascot character? Are they just making up their own characters now that Paramount doesn’t own the place any more?

    And don’t you kind of wish that Time Warner would buy the place and turn it into a Six Flags? Then we could get our picture taken with Batman.

  2. the rainbow says nothing unless you’re talking about another one i didn’t see. doc oc ride is meh, drop zone was nowhere close to scary as it was the last time i was on it. the banana is a nothing character just a stupid prize.

  3. Some other names for Dropzone:

    Not nearly as intense as The Behemoth zone

    As Phil pointed out. Dropzone is much better with your eyes closed.

    And thanks for posting such flattering pictures! I owe you one.

    Too bad they’ve been discontinued. Notice the wrist strap!

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