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now that matt’s quit his job i think every nite’s going to be an early one for me. start givin’er at 5 in bed by ten ha ha.

we had a pretty good spot and once a table cleared up beside us we took it (fil was on his way, needed more room) but we felt like something new. matt did a walk-by of the central, he saw 4 dudes milling about so we paid and made our way there. turns out they were renovating. so we lost our table. THANKS MATT! whatever the sun had fucked off by then anyway so pauper’s patio did us just fine.

i found those sunglasses allison is wearing in the bathroom two years ago waiting for the vip virgin boat to take us over to the island for vfest2. i ran out into the mall trying to match them to whatever hipster had left them. oh well. they have sat unworn in my pile of sunglasses ever since so i gave ‘em to allison. they’re five bucks in the market.

it felt so nice walking in and out of doors, you’re half-expecting to receive a chill breeze but nope, pure warmth. can’t say the same for today though ugh.

i had to fix my bun a hundred times. its A-game wasn’t exact enough. more like B-game. oh yeah biking over the wind made my eyes tear up like crazy so i looked like i was bike-crying. biking and crying. there’s a poem in there somewhere.

please throw a layer in there.

patio change and nicky arrives.

thanks matt.

yesterday i had to decide between black socks with hearts or these things. the hearts looked too juvenile with the shoes. i wasn’t worried about sock tan cos i had already tanned that afternoon. socks were necessary cos my legs were a little behind in the shaving dept. also it’s my look, guy.

during one of my fabulously interesting tales nicky was shat on.

my hair just got worse and worse ha ha.

fil called from the parking lot on lippincott spying on us the whole time. i’m like dude i can SEE you. then he revved his engine like a gino and backed up super fast. cool story fil. i sneaked away after one more drink to buy toilet paper and play hell’s kitchen.

still winning the happy face sticker war no one is fighting me in.

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  1. I’m always so jealous when I look at your mad gams! Also, I found a disgustingly ugly mannequin to add to your running photo collection. She has a bitten off nose.

    poor gal.

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