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bad hair day/ jays home opener

fuck it it’s a hat day.

that guy loved me. and you. if you don’t like me or the camera why are you looking directly into it? yes i understand the concept of stink-eye but now you are on the internet.

before all that at the skid bar, favourite people watching post. we even saw wayne go by (classic ICE COLD BEER seller, was fired last year for serving someone who looked under 25, didn’t card him. natch).

fil looks naked here.

pitt’s a full-fledged d-bag now hey. cigars? really? how is it being a cuban any sort of excuse? that’s the same IT’S VINTAGE justification fur jacket dinks give you.

if you were there what was this all about? we rolled in just as this was speeding away (slowly).

i had this in my sights lined-up real nice and then the little girl looks up at me (not that little at all actually if you get my drift and you probably don’t cos you are a vindictive asshole) gets scared i say oh just taking a picture of your balloon then she cock-blocks it wtf little girl i have feelings!

no that’s not the big J on fil’s shirt, layne staley drew it, yes it’s likely a depiction of jesus but more importantly who cares?

i have this annoying routine – grow nails out, apply polish, let it chip, rip off nails, start over.

haha hi chick.

michel and his banker buddy were told straight off the bat to SIT DOWN with boatloads of ‘tude from behind us which is a big mistake with these guys as it provided them with immature fodder for the rest of the game. every time someone stood up they’d obnoxiously mockingly whine SIIIIT DOWN ugh. we were even given our own special extra security to sit on the step beside our row. not even kidding. pitt said i have turned 35 over nite cos i was tsking my balls off. yeah i need to lighten up i guess.

well to be fair at one point i wandered off and bought a t-shirt for myself and fil (he returned his) that’s when you know i’m ripped (at a show, anywhere), i go buy expensive merchandise i don’t even want then i come back all proud feeling like i did the most generous thing ever here you go a shirt you didn’t ask for i love you.

i feel like this right now minus the forced jaw-grinding smile.

watch out king shit is here give some respect man that is one genuine, real deal, old school fan and that’s not even his seat he just plowed on down and sat for an inning, no biggie.


yeah yeah you get it.

howling hour at casey’s and my sweater matches the seat. they were not expecting the stampede of post game attendees. pitt had words with our waiter, i will leave it at that.

pornado topato. actually, tornado potato. there was no actual tornado this time around, just a bunch of chips thrown together in a big mess, and the dipping sauce wasn’t disgusting but it wasn’t not disgusting. i remember it being better last time though i might be referencing the onion dip from reposado.

here come a bunch of unnecessary shots of me figuring out a hat and my head, hair. complicated, apparently.

skid shirt i forgot about.

i didn’t even know there was a butterfly on it until i took this way flattering picture.

i did a bunch of arm exercises yesterday my brain is so frazzled right now i can’t even think of the word for them.

12-5 we did it, good game.

39 thoughts on “bad hair day/ jays home opener

  1. My bff Brant was sad fil was twitting the game, he wanted to be there. Boy crush? so cute.

    You are aging BACKWARDS (not literally, you know what I mean), congratulations on such a difficult feat seriously though, you look younger all the time. That’s some Benjamin Buttons shit right there.

  2. 1. i’ve always been full fledged dirt bag.
    2. Cuban Cigars are awesome. They remind me of being on that beach, which given the weather last night, I needed all the help I could get.

    I now hate Casey’s as much as you hate the Moose. We should never abandon Commuters. It’s no prize pig, but you know what you’re getting when you go there.

    You should talk about the 2 blondes and the Daddy Mac that was sitting with them.

  3. Eeee I totally has a What Would Raymi Do moment as last night I too was at the game. The last time I went to the dome was when I had my first panic attack at the age of 12 and puked all over my dad and we left after half hour. I was freaking out before hand and I worried my boyfriend was going to leave me in the 5OO level for any takers when I wigged out… BUT! After a ten dollar beer, all was well and it was a blast. Hope you had fun too! xoxo

  4. i stared blankly into the camera the whole time a music video was being shot at a show recently. i didn’t realize till the whole first song was over. i completely ruined the video. their friends of friends too so i’ll prolly hear about it someday. can’t even believe how smooth i am sometimes.

  5. pitt i should have been clearer, by d-bag i meant DOUCHEbag.

    oh yeah that guy brought back some not so fond memories so i let it be. seems like that joint is prime yuppie young girl bringing territory where they won’t bump into any peers on both sides.

    jen over the summer the last time we went i had an attack and had to leave, we had 500 seats, so maybe it has to do with being way up there feeling trapped and claustrophobic.

    thanks smelly.

  6. That car coming out with the guy who was throwing the first pitch was totally bizarre. It took the guy about thirty seconds to get out of the backseat of the car because he was on crutches, which is an uncomfortably long time at a live event. Why would you put a guy on crutches in the backseat? Why would you have some random season-ticket holder throw at the pitch on opening day? Why did I feel like booing the memorial tribute to Ted Rogers because I am bitter about my cable and cell phone bills?

  7. yeah the ted tribute was a bit rich, like you have no actual historical tie to the building other than you changed its name when you bought it out. like the o’keefe/hummingbird center and sony. garbage.

  8. “Thanks for the mediocre last few years. Sorry-ish that you died. Kinda.”

    Another strange choice: “Bittersweet Symphony”.

    “‘Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony, this life.
    Try to make end meets, you’re a slave to the money then you die.”

    Yeah, those are the lyrics I want summing up my existence on earth.

  9. how about the close-up on the family on the jumbotron and that blond cougar arm candy’s huge rock on her finger and her pretending to shed a tear/look sad. so touching.

  10. i’d typically just open my mouth right around now to beak off about the blue jays but hey, that looked fun.

  11. That Rogers Tribute was weird. I wanted to back hand Michel in his bag when he gave it a standing ovation. Unless it was an ironic standing ovation, then, well done him.

    Hey R/r i’ll typically open my mouth about your lame avatar. Nice how you were singing the praises of the Wild earlier in the season and look at where they are now. WOOOOOO!!! Just rocking the 10 spot like Toronto, except for one problem. Minnesota was trying!

    At least when hockey season ends, Toronto will still be worth going out in. Minesota will still be Minesota and you’ll be crying yourself to sleep on your Owen Nolan pillow.


  12. Owen Nolan pillows are made of a delicate blend of whiskey bottles, knee ligaments and failure.

  13. I’m still singin the praises, we’re doin pretty good for a team that Owen Nolan leads in scoring. I know I’m drinkin the kool-aid but we’re not done yet, that Hossa shot on sunday was a dagger but it’s not like we’ve never beat Dallas, Nashville or Columbus before, just now we gotta hope. There’s still a 7.0% chance we could make the playoffs and I’m not too big on stats but I think 7’s a higher number than 0 right, 6 is a higher number than 1 too?

    But yes I see the irony but no I don’t think there’s anything you can do in Toronto that you can’t do better in Minneapolis. I don’t mind Toronto at all, I even like Maple. Just can’t stand the Leafs. Both teams are gonna be better next year, take Gaborik please he’s awesome when he plays. Peace!

  14. Ray, You know the photos of the Jays opener I can see that.

    r/r is chad’s long lost cousin, or brother separated at birth right?

    i had nothing really against Minnesota before, except maybe Brenda Walsh. But I’m going to personally go to every twins Game at the SkyDOME this summer to send Morneau gift wrapped back to Minneapolis.

    BTW how did the twins do in their opener? On the subject of ZEROS that’s what I see in their win column.

  15. nice 90210 reference i bet your pal Jiri Tlusty of Leaf Gay Porn fame would get excited

    bodie i woulda agreed with you last year when Owen Nolan played for the Flamers

    raymi i had to check back to see if he beaked back
    it means traffic !

    i’m gonna go to the MetroDOME to send Alomar or Cito Gaston or whatever other Central Americans that make people sing O Canada back to Toronto, so what

    i don’t know how the Twins did in their opener but I assume they looked good doin it and the fans didn’t chuck shit on the field even though they were winnin

    and if they lost who cares that was their evil twin

    who’s chad

  16. bahahahahahahaaahahaha raymi you’re hilarious

    ps that tee looks sweet on you you are A WORLD OF COOL
    wtf right?
    but still, sweet

  17. dammit. renaming the sky dome is just wrong. i remember when it was being built… my neighbours were working on the roof. rogers centre. bite me.

  18. hey raymi,

    i am worried about your finger? wtf?

    your pinky looks like it was broken and never healed straight?

    i guess it is a larger metaphor about you with a punchline that has yet to be written…

    and it looks like you have no thumb too.

    anyway, go jays! i mean dodgers!



    ps. keep up the good work i heart your blog

    pps. i need to get a life

  19. is sass single?

    i would move to toronto for her.

    i guess i should ask her and not you but whatevs…

    thanks again,


  20. triple p.s./comment,

    i feel like that dork in that scene in swingers where the answering machine keeps hanging up on him and he keeps calling back etc etc…


    heart you again…

    and congrats on your engagment.

    oh and i loved sass’s serenade to you on your bday…so sweet and talented that gurl.

    k. love , gotta go.


    quadruple p.s. cubed,

    have you ever thought of having a guest blogger for a day or week?

    i recommend tony p.

    jus sayin’

  21. I can’t tell if it’s just the flash or not, but goddamn that salt n’ pepper hair is seriously working for pitt.

    I’m still fucking heartbroken that Zaun is gone – he hit that walk off grand slam on my BIRTHDAY. I’ll miss those stubby lil’ legs of his.

  22. Holy Shit! You saw Wayne?

    I wish Worlds Biggest Fan was still around too…the time are a changin

  23. Eees true, Tonto fans first class all the way:

    — Beer and alcohol sales were banned at the Tigers-Blue Jays game Tuesday night, a day after their season opener was delayed when unruly fans littered the field with baseballs and debris. …

    The Blue Jays’ 12-5 win Monday was delayed nine minutes in the eighth inning when fans threw two baseballs in the direction of Detroit left fielder Josh Anderson.

    Anderson was pleased to hear alcohol would not be sold Tuesday.

    “That’s good,” he said. “These people can’t handle it.” —

    Detroit saying you can’t handle something is pretty funny.

  24. mike – both my pinkies look like that, so do my mother’s and nana’s and brother’s. genetic. sass is single as far as i know and tony p can write his own gay things on his own gay blog but thanks for the idea. cheers.

  25. What’s this go Dodgers shit. And Anderson is officially on my shit list.

    We can’t handle it?!?!? Last time I checked, detroit wasn’t known for it’s temperate demeanor either!

  26. i wanna weigh in on the hockey dramz…

    all i can say is that, being a flames fan, i believe that lindsay lohan keeps her shit together better than HOMOson and co.

    atleast they can all (leafs,minne,oil) go and work on their golf swings before the rest of the boys join em :D

  27. I have the same nail problem. I have to paint them every 2 days or I’m in big trouble. buy a shitload of of fancy nail polish and it somehow becomes less tedious to repaint.

  28. HA a sports chat breaks out at raymitheminx!!!!!!

    skydome lost its fookun beer license for many infractions, even took it out of clubhouse fridge.

    dunno how long or care but peeps going to games might want the ban lifted before buying tixs in future.


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