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electronic birthday wishes

pitt’s here. he brought me a bottle of jamesons (shocking) and paid for some espresso beans, i gave him some of my gift bag swag for the wife (hi viv xoxo!) ok he’s gone now.

awwwwwwwwwww thanks carmen.

sass thank you for making me teary. xoxo.

thanks casie!

aw keira miss you muchly already.

thanks kz.

grass cutting

19 thoughts on “electronic birthday wishes

  1. happy birthday madame 26 year old. if i could virtually send you streamers and glitter and cupcakes i would!

  2. my hands don’t shake when i bowl. i forgot to mention, next time you come out to burling you and phil stop by to see the digs.

    i promise to roll out the social red carpet, like a moon beam falling.

  3. I sent you bday love via text because I thought it would be more personal than just writing on yer blog.


  4. happy birthday, birthday girl! with love from ireland. 26 is easy! I had some great times when 26 came by hope you do too!

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