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vancouver. day: five hundred.

went into that pocky store today omg good thing fil didn’t his head would have exploded, as did mine, but the good kind of explosion. he went to the junos, i wasn’t feeling it. you know how i said yesterday was the worst hangover to date welp, today’s trumped that. many a funny tale to tell once i remember them all. we finally hot tubbed pooled sauna’d and it zonked me right the fuck out. i almost had a meltdown, a IT’S MY BIRTHDAY MEMEMEMME MELTDOWN about going to this afterparty but i changed my mind and will concoct a stupid fucking outfit instead, eat free fancy food, drink free booze and lift the dopest gift bag ever. anyway i’m fried i will need a vacation after this vacation (wow never heard that before eh pfft).

mitzie land!

excuse me i need a moment here.

seriously what’s next a puppy yawning on a rainbow wearing a frilly bonnet?

ha ha.

i like how happy all japanese foods are i wish canadian food could just stop frowning already.

crunky, it’s the new i’m fucking hungover bye.


toronto bloggers yes guy. get it yet?

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  2. what! Crunky! South Koreans are all about that – I find it subpar because it’s not milk chocolate, but beggars can’t be choosers in this no-milk-chocolate-but-sugar-in-the-pizza-crusts universe.

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