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all the single crazies

my brain is serious mush right now i got nothing.

10 thoughts on “all the single crazies

  1. Wow.

    I tried to do the single ladies dance, failed and gave up.
    I admire your ability to copy it.
    Someone gots dance skills! =]

    Anyways, I hope you continue to have fun in Vancouver! How is the sushi in comparison to Toronto? I find the California rolls very different in looks and taste.

  2. Oh dude, you should grow a pair and publish the negative comments. You are bragging about how awesome your blog is back it up with some balls.

  3. you are beneath me, now stop wasting my time you desperate nerd. i do not give two shits about twilight. go to my most recent post, scroll to the bottom i gave your loser chat some attention. feel vindicated.

  4. I feel dirty being one of the hundreds that’s probably been under you. Rob should probably go and get a shot for the cooties you gave him by being close.

    All right, last hit from me to you.

    Go spread your STDs now…

  5. who even references stds you sad little kid? grow the fuck up. i’m sure you are extremely beautiful and thin and some nobody guy who got lucky enough to land a role playing a vampire out of a cult-followed book would be doubly lucky to have you, continue obsessing over him and seriously fuck off now you are not hurting me.

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