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room with a view

since these were taken the walls have been rearranged. i said out with all the ikea frames sorry yes cid as kitten shots are very nice and all but yeah, they and the dali and whatever other cliché poster-sized 90s era prints must go as we have both taken down our respective arts from their venues/spaces and they should go up here. i shall make a what is still available for sale set for you to peruse, shortly. i didn’t bother having a party at grapefruit moon, i feel a bit sore about it but not too badly, i didn’t want to take the thunder away from fil’s photo exhibit plus with the pre/post holiday season and overall too much going-on i didn’t want to bombard our collective set of pals with something else to come out to. also, kind of a weird space for a party, and it closes too early for the party kids’ likings.

it’s a shame i can’t ever show what our balcony looks like, it’s quite beautiful. the drapes are closed cos i must have just finished wii fit and i don’t like people looking at me hoola/free-stepping in my underwear.

i was not even aware of this back booth.


Hi Raymi!

I was hoping you wouldn’t mind big upping the Bicycle Film Festival’s call for submissions. I know you have such great, artistic readers, that maybe a few of them would be interested in submitting to the festival. You should make one too or at least star in one! I saw that you got a sweet cruiser :) The Toronto Fest will be in August this year and should be a blast. Also, if anyone is taking too long to make their film, they could email me and work something out:

Thanks Raymi and no worries if you don’t think it is relevant.

BYE and did you know Sparks got discontinued??!

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