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all in black we snuck up around the back

i feel like these guys at least understand me right now ugh i know shut up.

there was actually a dial tone.

what shitty overpriced faire should i go with tonite? we were planning to go to irie but we walked in the wrong direction and it was too snowy cold annoying to walk back in the other direction.

stay classy san diego.

the taco bell view was hilarious to me at the time.

yes because when i think of mexican food i think carrot cake, BEST carrot cake at that.

vodka rain, like purple rain, except vodka, and actually nothing like it at all.

i think i’m having a wee turning 26 meltdown, folks.

yeah, just a little bit.



are those AA disco pants?

ugh don’t even bother guessing how many full house photos i have on my laptop. i realize i have a problem, yes.

in other great news i found out last nite my makeup is being discontinued. the girl at the cosmetic counter said just to let you know this is being discontinued i said but what am i going to do!? hahaha. they didn’t even have my shade (still) so i chose a lighter one, so get ready for ghostface killah no more orange oprah. ahh down right rotten land much.

i just annihilated a solid hour of wii fit and feel slightly less insane.


10 thoughts on “all in black we snuck up around the back

  1. 26 is ok. I’ve only been 26 for 3 weeks, but it is ok. Doesn’t feel as good as 25, but I have a good feeling about 27. only 344 days to go.

    Polar Ice Vodka makes me go >:( by the way.

  2. my unsolicited advice of the day is: be as depressed as you can about it leading up to your birthday, then release and embrace. it totally worked for me, and we all know how old I turned. so maybe you can actually take my advice for once.
    you won’t.

  3. and eat bucketfuls of onion dip? actually, i prefer you to have a visual of me eating a handful of onion dip, bare hand, no chip, which is what i told everyone on gchat before i signed off and am just now about to do. byeeeeeeeeee.

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