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ever wake up feeling heartbroken for no reason?

i am sick of winter i need a holiday.

i dreamt it was summer and i was buying a white beach dress by a pool, i woke up and i was none of those things.

watched benjamin button last nite and my face was a river.

see you at the steamwhistle tonite for fil‘s closing party and my fantastic mood. it’s going to be another one of their unsigned bender nites with bands and snacks and liquor etc.

11 thoughts on “:(

  1. aww cheer up raymi – someday soon you will wake up and it will be beautiful and sunny and then hopefully the happy will cancel out today’s sad!

  2. yes i hate that feeling. do you get seasonal depression, or whatever? if so tanning booth is really good for that. strong coffee + music too.
    at least you woke up pretty.

  3. Raymi, I’d gladly trade places with you. It was 45 degrees Celsius here the other day! You can rug up against the cold but you can’t do much when it’s in the firey forties!

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