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just hangin’ with bowie, no bigs.

an urgent call to nowhere is placed.

the secret to tan lines sans back loop lines shall be revealed…

last nite we did a ketel one vodka at the spoke club (ooh fancy) tasting then saw brad’s band at tattoo, in-between some terrible food was had at tortilla flats. brb when my brain gets together and decides to just chill oot. i lost some of my hair to gum last nite compliments of matt, allison helped get it out. muchos stories to tell.


12 thoughts on “uuuuuuuuuuuuuuungh

  1. you’re welcome for that dress. i demand a link for all posts with my digs. stat.

    man i should open a goodwill with just me and jogees clothes in it

  2. alicia if i credited you every time i wore an item of your clothing this blog would be nothing but OUTFIT BY ALICIA. ps. you commented on that dress the last time i wore it too and said you had good times in it.

  3. even though i consumed much vodka in my younger days, i don’t think i could do straight shots like that AND tell the difference. did you have a preference?

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