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hair scare

my idea, i invented it, no copying.

oh look a black candle at tattoo “rock” parlour how totally err, expected?


i’m sorry (not sorry) but that was extremely hilarious to me. a white candle likely would have pushed me right over the edge. or a pink one. i think my being a jerk is pretty much guaranteed always.

speaking of jerks, matt left his own dinner party AT HIS PLACE stinking ripped no less to specifically place gum in my hair and then blame me for it. thanks pal.

gill the frenchie was there what is this a fucking reunion?

one part curtis santiago came to hang, this be mikey. i asked what colour is next for the m’awk, he says red, i say platinum?

oh right we’re here for brad‘s show that’s him back there. ps. the new songs are great.

why so deer in headlights this is nothing new you know.

ahh the buddy pose, you should have both tilted your heads and hugged each other, my favourite.

cowboy is partly responsible for the gum in my hair, he jinxed it by having the same length hair as me.

the look on my face, brought to you by ketel one.


oh right yeah shh sorry this.

adoring proud supportive sister renita, so cute.

do you guys remember goldfinger? that’s their drummer darrin.

great lighting.

then it happened fucking hell. i leaned over to chat up matt who was drunk swaying in the breeze there, i turn my head and my hair somehow gets inside his open maw and drags out his gum. look how much he is concerned about it too. the cowboy was horrified, long haireds get it.

allison put ice on it and got it all out, had to rip out some hair though.

the consensus was hey at least you have something to blog about tomorrow. what? fuck you. you think i don’t have other shit going on to talk about like old ladies in my building and squirrels, yeah excuse me while i contact the star so they can run this byte as well.

so the end of brad’s set was spent like this, thank you matt!

everyone sitting behind us you’re welcome for the show.


check the bags of vodka, i wasn’t supposed to get a bottle cos i was fil’s plus 1 then i told cameron um well this lack of bottle will influence my blog post tomorrow…

love is an understatement.

cam could not resist.

robert plant was on this wall before that eyesore was painted over top.

ok vodka 101 to come shortly though i am not that obligated cos i was just a lowly plus oner. who thinks i’m even influential to begin with? pfft. maybe your mom.

AM Matthew: how’s the hair?
11:35 AM me: ugh
im hung
Matthew: me too
me: you blamed me for it all nite remember
v cavalier of you
Matthew: had to take a cab to work
me: ha
Matthew: dude, you swung your hair and it went it my mouth
if anything you owe me a piece of gum
me: see there you go
instead of im sorry
11:36 AM Matthew: hahaha
I’m sorry it happened to you but I didn’t do anything to make it happen other than chew gum
11:37 AM me: and open your big mouth
Matthew: I will never open my mouth again when I am around you, deal?
Matthew: hahaha
11:38 AM I’m just going to completely ignore you when you’re talking to me just in case it happens again
me: well i will refrain from being a nice friend and chatting you up when you are alone drunk swaying in the breeze
Matthew: perfect!
glad we have that settled
11:39 AM me: like i give a fuck if your brother knows about that polish cabbie
actually lying, DYING to know
Matthew: haha still haven’t told him
I’ll see him on Friday though
me: you owe me a story

20 thoughts on “hair scare

  1. The Bowie pix make me SUPER HAPPY!

    Also – it was Robert Plant that used to be painted on that wall – not Pink Floyd.

    P.s. you’re THE asshole! (game-wize)

  2. “…the consensus was hey at least you have something to blog about tomorrow. what? fuck you. you think i don’t have other shit going on to talk about like old ladies in my building and squirrels,..”

    Bhahahhh! Good one. Thanks.

  3. I actually really like the big Balinese mask painted on the wall.

    The wad of gum in the hair is very bad. He owes you big time.

  4. “dude, you swung your hair and it went it my mouth
    if anything you owe me a piece of gum”
    Laughed my ass off at that!

  5. Not that it matters now, but peanut butter is good for getting gun out of hair.. or so i heard.. also to get crayon off the dryer when accidently left in pockets, toothpaste.. lol.. just incase..

  6. Anytime I hear a gum in hair story I think of that weird episode of The Simpsons where Lisa gets gum in her hair and the whole town tries to “help” her. But seriously, gum in hair sucks good think it wasn’t on your scalp right?

  7. well, your bangs are lookin’ good pal. i’m thinking about growing mine out because they keep stabbing me in the eyes and shit.
    (formerly dancing at gunpoint, bt dubs!)

  8. I need to mention this… I think it’s pretty goddamn hot to leave your own dinner party at your own place drunk as a skunk to find your way to a bar and a different set of friends. Matt gets massive points for this.

    BUT then Matt loses points for fucking with your hair, because even if you WERE swinging it towards his open mouth, he should have done a Matrix move and ducked under it. I mean, be a gentleman.

  9. Good rule of thumb… if you don’t see Cam Carpenter at a live-show or music event… you’re not at a cool live-show or music event.

  10. Trust me, I normally do everything I can to avoid getting hair in my mouth but it came completely out of nowhere and no amount of matrix moves would have helped me avoid it. For those of you wondering how Raymi’s hair tastes, (and let’s be honest, who hasn’t?) I would give it 4 out of 5 stars, it smelled and tasted good and everything but it still is hair which is fucking gross getting in your mouth.

    Sorry again about the gum.

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