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ran away to tell the world

haha notice cid. alicia‘s outfit was inspired by the shrunken head guy from beetlejuice.

there was a much better representation of shoulders to neck ratio but i blew that shot big time oh whatever here it is

nice one cid.

watched hamlet 2, now i want to rollerskate and fall down everywhere. solid film. loved when he screamed at the purring cat NOW WHAT IS YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM!?

11 thoughts on “ran away to tell the world

  1. my initials are HAM, and so are my older sis’s, so therefore she is HAM1 and i am HAM2… thanks for the laugh ;)
    Also, love the cigarette case; been quit for almost a month now and should definitely steal this idea of leaving little notes for meself.

  2. ah we’re adorable!

    i also love that you took a pic of the inside of my grandpas smoke case. my mom is such a sweet heart. :) awwww

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