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i got out of bed today staring at a ghost

so i had this dress before then gave it to rizabeth a couple years ago, it has since come back to me in the form of a shirt (altered by steph) two sizes smaller jeez it may as well be a zero. anyway, first time wearing it out. i want to collect older pictures of myself in it to compare now and then. errg actually no i don’t.

oh look, good news ladies rape is a compliment!

12 thoughts on “i got out of bed today staring at a ghost

  1. The crotch shots always crack me the hell up. Outfit = adorable.

    Berlusconi’s strong point is clearly not respecting women. I feel badly for his three daughters. And his wife who he left to have babies with some other woman. What a fine gentleman. The rape comment might be a personal best for him, though.

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