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hiii hii hihiiihihi

so the thing on my shoulder is a keyloid (sp?) cyst pretty much, i have to go back for a biopsy, then they will laser the fuck out of it on seperate occasions. what do i want gigantic embarrassing red thing or cool scar. i’m goin’ for cool scar. i’m writing on my old laptop from my dad’s it’s sooooooooo sloooooow i have a pile of emails to go through and it’s way irritating having to do it in slow motion. i thought ok i ‘ll just have myself a little break from the ole internet today but like some stupid metaphor i can’t even think of right now it pulled me in. i killed some time in the biodome mall reading my book on a plush couch while a blonde clone of several other blonde clones talked incessantly on a cellphone right beside my head. i bought a new hat with the remainder of my gift card, i look like one or all of the seven dwarves in it. there’s a ridiculous new shoe store the size of the old supermarket in this mall, like an outlet for every insane name brand fashion foot apparel you could ever think of um is there spell check on this thing or am i just on a roll cos i see no red underline squiggly things.

ok back to business, dooce is gaining on me, don’t let her!

love you guys.

thanks for all the voting and support and well wishes, such pals.

did i say we went to sketch comedy at the riv last nite? i put my name to be part of the game show but it wasn’t drawn, i won an uncie herb simspons doll for having a gap between my teeth though then i looked in the mirror and realised it’s practically closed now. my mom’s did that too.

ok bye for real now

12 thoughts on “hiii hii hihiiihihi

  1. Definitely cool scar over weird red thing.
    I miss the Riv- one of the few things I do- oh, and Cajun catfish at Sammy’s. damn.

  2. Hey Raymi,
    I just voted for ya ( again) and it seems my vote was your 666th. yikes! Now is that bad Mojo for you or me?? Hmm..
    Good luck and I’ll vote again tomorrow.

  3. Hi Lauren, I voted for you, after my first visit!! So I don’t qualify as a lurker or anything, how does that work?
    Davezilla sent me here and I just kept reading, cos i liked it. It got weird when I read about Oakville. I went to school in Oakville a thousand years ago. Miss Nichol taught me to tie my shoelaces and tell the time, srsly. Dooce has gone off the boil and you don’t overlap with Redneck Mommy, so you got my vote. Let’s see your scar. c

  4. aww thank lord is in the arm part, but you’ll be okay just make sure it doesn’t get infected untill you return back for your check up. my mom had grown a cyst inside her breast and the doctor was going to remove it by doing laser. but it turn out it was sooo small it went away and the doctor didn’t detected no more but is always good to make sure. as for keloid it happence in the part or near the part where a tatto was made because of the cause of the ink or the reaction where the tatto was made responce then tends to react s a tiny cyst because of the mini infectin of a scar. but your to A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E with your small tiny head and those big hats you wear ahah cute. just keep on going with your bad self go raymi go raymi say no more you know you have my vote for sure ;)

  5. SAY WHAT NOW? pull back babe ahaha thanks raymi thanks for saying i’m a nice guy. but theres one word different i’m a female not dude don’t get me wrong i have sometimes wonder what it would be like to be a dude, but if i was to come as a dude man i’ll be sooo gay. but thanks i’m a chick raymi ;)

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