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coronary, anyone?

the following is brought to you by starvation dementia.

gawd lawdy lawdy hi! DON’T FORGET TO VOTE!! fuck it’s a close race i can’t take it man and why do i care? i dunno, well i do, and will elaborate more on that after a jug of coffee.

over christmas fil’s mom saw the teeny brush i’d stubbornly been using on my wet hair and flipped (not really) so she bought me my own big girl comb. aw. life’s gonna change now boys.

no more ghetto rings thanks to nat’s extras.

you will not believe who i get to see tonite, strictly for irony’s sake of course, oh man i’m bursting, kinda sorta, but you will have to wait for that news however, speaking of won’t believe it, remember pitt? well he’s a sober sally now and totally a drama queen, i mean, he’s in a play (a racy one at that) called bedrooms and it opens this upcoming weekend (we’re going of course). he plays a dude who tries to get a threesome going haha.

here’s a little chat we just had

Patrick: On Jan 8, 9, and 10 the Poor Cousin Theater Co., will be doing a production of “Bedrooms” at the Oakville Centre For Performing Arts.

me: can i mention that you’re a sober sally now

Patrick: if you think that has a hook, i have no shame about it
“Bedrooms” is a set of five comedies that explore the uncertain journeys of love, marriage, fidelity and getting older
For me the real story of all this is the director Leslie Carelse

me: right but my readers know you

Patrick: I know, I’ll make the relation for you to post. When I was about 12, or 13 my mom threw me into the Parks And Recreation Program in Oakville to keep me out of trouble. There I met Leslie who was the fixture of young actors in Oakville.
He taught the “Art of Acting Program”. I used it as a place to meet girls, but I can sincerely say that a lot of my make up today was augmented by what I learned under his tutelage

me: big words pitt!

Patrick: I’m sober now, and have more time to read the dictionary. Through the magic of facebook, I organized a drink up in Oakville about a year ago of old actors from this program. Leslie and I came up with an idea of an alumnist show. Leslie got auditions going for a bunch of his students over the last 2 or more decades. And put together this Theater Company: “Poor Cousin”. Basically he (we) are trying to bring in a younger crowd to Oakville’s theater culture.

me: can i just quote you verbatim

Patrick: If you like, but feel free to edit or ask questions. There’s been a lot of ups and downs that went into this production, but I truly believe Leslie is onto something, I’m really happy to be a part of it. There’s too many shows that cater to the old blue hairs and remote control corpses of Oakville. While the Burbs will never have the hipster culture of Toronto, or even Mississauga for that matter, it’s a nice little niche of cool in an otherwise stuffy city.

me: well i look forward to seeing it

fil took this picture, it was my idea for the chick to show more skin she had the sheet over her shoulders like a nana, i said maybe you should tuck it under your arms like so. ME!

Patrick: That’s why I want you and Phil to come see it, be a part of it and so forth. This is a legacy and the fact that Leslie has rounded up his students (some pro actors, others clearly not) to do this is cool. And I play a guy trying to get a threesome on with his Mistress and Sex Therapist…so I don’t think that’s something Oakville has seen too much of.
Oh and you and Fil get to see me prance around on a stage in my underwear again, so it’ll be like Old times.

me: no i doubt it
yeah nothing new there
ok this is good, heartfelt, you’re really a believer

For tickets call 905.815.2021 (toll free: 1.888.489.7784) or visit
the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts box office

11 thoughts on “coronary, anyone?

  1. “…while the Burbs will never have the hipster culture of Toronto, or even Mississauga for that matter…”

    wtmf?!! mississauga has a hipster culture?

  2. You should win this vote by a country mile. Some of those other blogs are tedious, frankly. Whereas yours is like a loose match in box of fireworks the size of Saskatchewan. And that’s a good thing. Oh yes. A good thing.

  3. At Square One, the Orange Julius, every second thursday at about 330 pm, it lasts about 10 minutes and then it’s gone.

    You didn’t know about it? Dude you are so lame.

  4. I like to support people when they try to start things like this. It takes guts and I admire the entrepreneurial spirit. I’ll probably hit up the Friday or Saturday show and can even give someone a lift from downtown if needed. Pitt we met briefly at raymi’s last birthday so I’ve already seen you in your underwear onstage :-)

  5. Whoever wrote “Its Clare holy crap deal” must show themselves to me at the show please. Ill be the naked one. The skin one.

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