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new robe new purse STILL!! SICK!!! wtf

and for crying out loud can YOU losers update your blogs holy frig the internet is boring this time of year and what day is it saturday? jesus. JUST TELL ME A FUCKING STORY IN MY COMMENTS THAT’S ALL I WANT NOT A LOT TO ASK JUST GO, LEAVE, I HATE YOU. is it too early to start drinking on an empty stomach i am so stir crazy i’m in a dimension of whole ‘nother.

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20 thoughts on “new robe new purse STILL!! SICK!!! wtf

  1. here’s a story about a girl who was sick and sat on the couch all day in her underwear and new christmas robe who had a boyfriend who was even more stir crazy than she was… wait, no, i think you’ve heard that one.

  2. how does it end? do they order a pizza? does he brush her hair and do her makeup for her cos she is sick of doing it everyday for his benefit only to not be complimented? does the cat do sit-ups? ok i’m starving.

  3. Not too early for drinking, I find your excuse to be sufficient. …waiting for family to evacuate kitchen so I can have a wake-up nip. Calgary is a frozen, boring wasteland. Yes, more boring than the internet right now. You are the only one posting anything anywhere on the entire planet I’m pretty sure. I know I sure as hell ain’t (do I even DO that, anymore?) 0 new items in Google Reader, great, now I’ll have to go “enjoy” my family’s company. They’re upstairs talking about finance and politics, so way to drop the ball, Internet.

    Does it annoy you that I basically use your comment threads instead of my own damned blog for my griping? Because it kinda annoys me, actually. Maybe I should just crosspost my comments there. Okay, bye.

  4. Hey Raymi, I have a story. I dreamed last night that I met you and the whole dream I was going on and on about how awesome it was that when you decided you wanted to lose weight you just did it. and i was just swooning over your motivation and weight loss skills. i think it’s because my friend got a wii for christmas and it reminded me of all your little wii posts you do.

    hope you had a nice christmas!

  5. Roses are red. Violets are blue. You sure look pretty with black hair. And blonde hair too. I hope that rhymes. Talk to your mom about updating her blogs, Raymi. It’s never too early to start drinking, empty or full stomach. The meat cleaver reminds me of the big knife my first wife threw at me before we were married. I still don’t know why that marriage didn’t work. I hope this message qualifies for the story you requested. Happy New Year and pass the bottle.

  6. candice – no not at all annoyed, keep going, it saves me from having to leave my comment world.

    pitt – ufc more like ufPEE

    doomed – god work

    krista – thanks to SATC i dreamt i was full-blown pregnant and i was slightly annoyed because i couldn’t drink anymore. i feel like doing some wii fit right now but fil has been playing bond for the last 2 hours on it.

  7. I saw a pregnant girl score a goal in road hockey and it was the start of a long trend of “That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a pregosauce chick _____________”, basically she shut down a 3 on 1 by herself and made everyone else seem like a pussy in comparison.

    As well, this friend who once woke up another friend by punching him in the head because the friend was fucking another friend who was that friend’s wife, well the ex-wife and her new boyfriend were at the shag last night holdin hands and pissin off the ex-husband so he wings a beer bottle at them but he missed and then just people kept ‘em separated and the dude got kicked out for getting a beer bottle chucked at him. Drama!

  8. Here is a story non Christmas related, I sliced my finger filet-styles while cutting peppers, went to emerg and waited for 4 hours just for special bandaids. It was the worst way to get out of work early the end!

  9. Never too early to start drinking. That’s the fun of the holidays for us non-religious folks- since I don’t believe in god’s kid’s b-day, I believe the season is for EXCESS.
    If you’re bored, I strongly encourage drunk painting. Furniture, walls, whatever, it makes for amusing mornings.
    ho ho ho!

  10. so wait. they were a sleep but fucking as well?

    sorry i didnt see you this christmas i was crazy sick and sleeping most of it. im leaving tomorrow morning.

  11. She fumbled for the wall, then slid her hand down slowly and uneasily till she could feel the half round banister that followed the looping stairs down to the next floor. It was so fucking dark, where were all those damn flashlights they had for instances like these? Cursing herself for not keeping one by her bed she felt her way down one stair at a time, feeling with her toes for the edge of one and then the base of another. The third one down creaked loudly, and everyone there after seemed to moan with the stress of her meager hundred and ten pounds.

    The window slid open with ease, only making the slightest noise of wood skidding against wood. It sounded like an avalanche to the man opening it though, he winced. He waited a second to listen for any response and then shook the spooks out of his head and slipped, with a small measure of grace, through the window and onto the kitchen counter. It was an easy fit for his wiry figure and he plopped down on the floor with ease. Taking a moment to gather his bearings on the old kitchen he did his best to remember what he had seen earlier that day, and made his way for the living room, feeling with his feet and running his gloved hand along the counter. Finally the tile floor gave way to carpet and the counter to a partial wall. Sliding through the archway into the living room he just had to follow the blue light on his target and then he’d be done and could leave. As he reached the black box with the blue light he pulled out his little flashlight and begun unplugging cords and packing them, along with the Playstation 3, into his bag he had brought. He was just shrugging the messenger bag onto his shoulders when he heard the squeak of the stairs, and he froze.

    These damn stairs are going to wake everyone up she thought, all she wanted was to get out and have some fun with her friends. They should be waiting outside by now, she just needed to grab some liquor from her dad’s bar fridge in the living room and she’d be good to go. As she reached the bottom of the stairs, she stopped to listen if anyone had stirred from her creaky decent. Silence. Good she thought with a smile as she made her way now towards the living room to grab some vodka and maybe a beer for the night. As she passed the den and was about to enter the living room she heard a shuffle and something that sounded like a window closing, it came from the kitchen. She quickly turned on the living room light as it was the closest and peered towards the arch heading into the kitchen, nothing. Sighing deeply she made her way over and grabber the vodka and a beer. Turning she was about to shut off the light and head out the back door when she noticed the PS3 was gone, in its place was a book. She felt suddenly ill and grabbed her cell phone to call 911.

    The PS3 didn’t really matter to him much, but it would make up for some of the money he owed. The book had been an after thought, and he almost hadn’t left it at all in his panic to get out before he was discovered. It was a good book though, much better than playing stupid games. He smiled as he got into his car and drove away.

    The End.

    That took all of 10min, hope it kills at least 2 or 3 for ya. It’d actually be good if I had some rum right about now. alas the hotel I’m in is no where near a liquor store, and I’m feeling lazy…

  12. So this dude named Connor goes to Canda right? And he meets Raymi. Shes sassy, funny and buys him cold beer. They are having a great ol’ time when suddenly her man comes in and says “Hey lets go see the Leafs play, eh?” “can we get beer there?” “Of course hoser, this is Canda!” So we grab our coats and head out the door. Then Raymi says “Hey would you mind if my cute asian friend comes along as your date?” “Heck no!” says me. And they all went to the hockey gaem, drank beer, watched the Leafs win and they all had a wonderful night. The End.
    Feel Better Raymi. You make the Internet exciting.

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