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TGISunday not monday

i have to go back and write some more bio cards up for each one, many had F words on them, family place right? i get the walls for two months, wicked. once the crazy of xmas is finished i’ll have a party, and add more paintings. i love you grapefruit moon!

fuck, i was hungry.

so there now you know where it is, 968 bathurst and this street. i wrote about GM before here their food will blow your brains out. (haven’t figured how to quick search old posts in wordpress yet that’s why i linked to blogspot, whatevs.)

then off to switch contemporary to drop off a painting for zeesy‘s fundraiser this wednesday dec 10 (you MUST go see she will be making a live appearance all the way from japan! and you can bid on some amazing art)

obama claus!

so cute.

yuula amazes me.

check ya later.

rush home to get ready for fil’s work party where i pretty much did the complete opposite of all my rules, I DANCED MY HEAD OFF!

this sweater swallowed me up too much in this dress, so i did not wear it after all. i wore my beige cardi for like one second, that place was balls hot.

dropped hat, yo nikes i know you want it if you could just look under there you’d see the hidden treasure beneath.

so frustrating.

banquet food is hit or miss, this was miss.

somewhere in there would be turkey.

liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiianne! her sister works with fil omfg quelle surprise! liane is back from shanghai, she was my favourite buddy from my england exchange and now she’s all grown up. i’ve been trying to dig up nerdy pictures of us from back then but can’t remember any search terms i used in the original post. here’s one for now.

then it was snl couch time, i didn’t even drink when we got home cos i obvs got blasted enough on wine at the work party. SMART. don’t worry i wasn’t the only one.

what a day.

then i woke up at 5am in an upset stomach panic remembering every stupid thing i said and did at the work party, refrained from taking a chill pill, an ultra strength tums sufficed. the only thing fil is concerned about me sharing with his coworkers was how cid nuzzles his ear and paws at him like a baby everyday. phew. good thing he didn’t overhear all the other shit i said.

ps. do not fall asleep with a band-aid on you would barf if you saw what my finger looks like right now.

Raymi Getting Ready from Phil Ogynist on Vimeo.

24 thoughts on “TGISunday not monday

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  2. sounds like you did well at the office party. One time, I told Josh’s co-workers about the time that I came home and he was in drag! Mwa ha ha. sigh.

  3. kate, a seven year old could outdraw me. it’s the celebrity and the charming story that goes along with that sells it and self-delusion and 1000% narcissism and knowing what people want. let me see your stuff. i’m thinking one day i will organize a group show so we can all milk off one another.

  4. yay hooray fil is on Vimeo, that site is a million times better than YouTube. there is so much less crap on Vimeo!!

    have you ever considered using Twitter? that would be seriously cool. I for one would definitely follow you, i’m sure there are hundreds of others who would too.


  5. I think the paintings look really good on those walls too. Glad the work party turned out well, I remember dreading hanging out with Brian’s work peers but now it’s a breeze.

  6. So. Haven’t read your blog since I used to keep my own a couple years ago. Just moved into a shitty, old-speghettio-smelling dungeon of a joint in the Annex (annex-dick-in-training). So I go out to find some cool coffeeshops to get some stuff done, and after sitting down, look to my left and see something amazing. I liked how the banana was all concerned. I’m actually sitting beside it right now. I asked the dude if you owned the place, and he was all surprised and like “I don’t even know where those came from. They just showed up awhile ago”

    And I wouldn’t worry about redoing the postcard dealies. Have you heard the tunes? There’s a baby next to me right now and she’s being showered with N-bombs.


  7. haha aww raymi your face looks soooo cute and pale in the first pic with cid in the couch.ya both look drozzy yes it is ugly just last week i went to sleep with a bandaid on because my pinheaded self got burn talking the sweet BBQ meatloaf out of the oven so the freaking handles got me. it hurted man.

  8. charlie i would get far less done than i already do if i had twitter, if your blog needs a blog you’re in for it.

  9. Whoa. raymi? “nice comment”? Not gonna lie — I was bracing for a lot worse. I was kinda expecting you to rip into me, although I’m not sure why. Whatever happened to that quasi-hipster bitch I knew and loved?

  10. there was absolutely nothing in your comment to rip into – i’m a nice guy i dunno why people think they have to yell at me in comments all the time, i really much prefer to get along. if i’m a quasi-hipster then fil’s cat is underweight.

    i’m bitchy only when it is necessary.

  11. Ok, that’s cool. I was just kidding anyway, but sometimes my funny is not contagious

    Anyway, must hit the Metro for groceries. You may now continue to rock the fuck out. lates

  12. Sobeys? The… urban fresh one on bloor? Boooo. It’s like a whole foods wannabe, except there’s no helpful hippie-type fellow hanging out with the herbal supplements. But I do muchly appreciate the hot grocery-related tip

  13. Glad the party went well. I was feeling anxious for you. The plaid PJ pics are priceless, like letting out a deep breath.
    Nailed it.

  14. Wicked! I’m so stoked your paintings are at grapefruit moon. I go there all the time because they have the most amazing hot sauce/salsa that you can slather all over everything at breakfast.
    They look awesome, I saw them on the walls before I read this post and definitely creeped at the window looking at them all. Your stuff is wayyyy more colourful and cheery then the photos that were up there before you.

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