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holt’s display 2008

it’s kinda hard gettin’ in the christmas spirit what with the 6 o’clock news bumming me out hard about the economy every nite as i’m trying to paint my face sigh, 2006 was such an amazing display Holt had as well ps. new yorkers, holt’s is our version of barney’s pps. no i do not shop there bitch i’s broke!)

LOVE the little house with flickering lights, so whoville.

gobs and gobs of detail.

i do not dig on these bald whitey guy mannequins at all, kinda lazy and 80s and creepy.

so cozy!

shoot me with a whimsical gun why don’tcha!

gorge chunky braid.

so overloaded and detailed and crowded, this is a chick mannequin bursting out of a flower, basically.

rotating ornament.

my retinas are on fire right now it feels like i haven’t blinked in a half hour and everything else in the room seems really dark after staring at these blazing red golden hues for so long ugh i’m trying to place them interestingly in jumbled order and at this point i’m like what’s it even matter it all looks the same to me.

miniature house fetish.

and then all my fingers froze off so i went to meet fil and his new spectacles ordering then we went to winners and got weights for wii fat and i bought a new dress i have to exchange cos some of the thread is comin’ out. i also got a sweater fil hates WHAT.ELSE.IS.NEW?

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