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no YOU are crazy

this is my favourite store in the world because in it lives at least 8 cats and the owner looks like santa claus AND you can bring your pet to pose with him in front of a christmas mural and he’s dressed as saint nick and is very shy (he is always blushing) and tries not to make eye contact with us even when we are full on gaying all over his cats and have made it perfectly clear we are equally cuckoo for cats as much as he is and he’s the only guy who carries cid’s special (i know) food and fil takes a case of it every few weeks it’s like how we drive back to the ‘burbs just so fil can get his hair cut by his guy. cid has his own guy too. i’m beginning to think more and more that maybe i am not the mental one in this relationship.

aww i think this is the same white cat a year ago, the hair is shorter which means it was cut when the cat was rescued cos whomever had it before let it get all ratty and fucked. what a dick, it is so painful for the cat to have clumps of knots in their fur. here is what i said a year ago about this store/father christmas:

the dude who runs the place we go to get cid’s special cat food looks like santa, err, father christmas, and you can bring your pet for a christmas picture with him, i KNOW! he is a very gentle and sensitive man and a little bit shy too, i’ve been going there with fil for three years now and we’ve only just worked ourselves up to saying hi to each other, so cute!

eightish or so cats live in the store, all abandoned, most are siblings and they all sleep on the various cat trees and bags of dog food, it’s fun walking around trying to find them all then you pet them and get their purr motors going and leave.

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