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ok here i go, i’ve written about how i feel about smokers before last february, just how gross i feel when i see them out during the day and then inhaling second hand smoke accidentally as i pass by, sickening, why not some exhaust fumes for dessert. anyway, my newest beef with smoking is friends who smoke – sorry guys, you’re fucking annoying, mostly during winter, summer i can deal with you just fine, but winter when we all go to meet up i do not enjoy babysitting your purses jackets and drinks while you go out to smoke. it’s rude and inconsiderate of you also when you come back from your smoke you take your time going to the bathroom and chit-chatting with whomever you bumped into, fine do your thing but guess what, i am not a fucking coat check! i did not get there early to score a table for ten of you to dump your bags and shit all over me and give me barely a minute of humouring face time then you beat it out of there to stand up close to the stage and then when someone brings you the wrong jacket you have the audacity to give back ‘tude about it! guess what, YOUR jacket YOUR responsibility how dare you! meanwhile we thought you were out smoking or whatever, the whole time you’re down in the pit and we are stuck watching YOUR shit. hey guess what i really wanted to be down there too once i was ready for it but was forced to wait for one of you to come back to collect your goods and then given MORE attitude when i tell you we are leaving the table and you have to hold onto your own coat, R-U-D-E.

kind of using a couple specific incidents as an example here but anyway, it has happened numerous times and i am so beyond sick of it and now that we have months and months of cold temp. ahead of us i am just going to make it clear NOW that i am no longer going to tolerate this bullshit so wise up. did we all make plans so that i could spend 50% of the time sitting alone with your jacket? wtf is that?

THAT is why i am crabby every time you see me, so do me a favour and show a little respect. i’m completely fine with bumping into people whom i did not make plans with and they go for a smoke whatever, i don’t expect to be babysat all nite long by anyone, but what i DO expect is to not be left alone with your shit, or simply left alone when we all made plans together, if you consider me your friend, then start fucking acting like it otherwise PAYCE.

it’s fine if we are all out to dinner and smokers plus non-smokers are even steven but when you outnumber me i’m sorry, that’s a prick move on your part. it just is, acknowledge and accept that you are a prick and maybe i will accept your apology. maybe.

haha next time i am going to bring out like a huge bean bag chair and ask you to watch it for me all nite long while i stand on the opposite side of the room.

plan ahead like i do before going out, i look at all the crap i think i will need and decide ok do i want to hold onto this all nite long yes or no? can i deal, what if i want to dance, if i lose this umbrella is it that important to me? so say i do all that self-prepping minimalism for myself (which i do) do you now get how beyond frustrating it is to be asked to hold onto YOUR stuff? from now on do not ask i don’t care if you have to go help someone barf, BRING YOUR PURSE WITH YOU.

k now back to smoking beef, sometimes i can barely tolerate going out to a show but i suck it up and go along with otherwise the couch would suck me in completely and dust and cobwebs would accumulate all around me permanently anyway, i went the distance to be a good sport and join in on your reindeer games and liquored myself up to tolerate the tedious boredom what is every fucking band that sounds the same to me (not the ones that i actually like) so don’t make it worse for me by fucking off like that, basically.

i mean, i totally get the wanting to be fancy flirty free while out havin’ a good time and all, smoking with yer hands free is great but sorry not at MY expense if you want to be fancy flirty free leave your humongous fugly purse at home, or get a smaller one. haha i can’t get over this at all.

the only time i don’t care is when i’m shithouse drunk and so is my smoking friend and if they have one more cig it puts them over the edge. seriously, step outside after several rounds, gulp in some oxygen and you realise how trashed you are – then you make the mistake of having a smoke and it’s spinsville. you deserved it haha. that is my ONE gift to you dear smoker, take many many deep breaths when you step outside before you light up a smoke to regulate your oxygen intake i don’t know what the scientific explanation is other than it is magic and will save you from the spins, gulp up that air and you’ll realise hey man i am looooooooaded i do NOT need this smoke, i want it because i am loaded, but i so don’t need it. you can email me to let me know that you did not take this advice and instead chose to go down in a spew of glory.

what i’m getting at is, who wants a girl’s non-smoking dancing nite out?

file this under: SICK


Hey sexy BODY GIRL

I’m Daniella origin from west indies and my BF : GG from
Mauricius island
wouaww omg, my jaws were down and my BF chocolate raised
and we both love your divin sexy face with that revolver
eyes (-:
well here some picture of our HOT evenings in PAris taken
by my BF, he loves to see me with other girls!
we would be pleased to invite u in PAris don’t be afraid i
never eat anyone just licked till… (-;
it will be a pleasure for me to be your PErsonnal body
guard (-;; sweet heart in PARIS, the romantic city for a
romantic tour lol
waiting to talk with you by webcam

I’m Real Bi girl and my BF straight and we’re a fun loving
couple from PAris

HOOOTT kisses from both of us where it gives you a max of

Daniella and GG

i will let you use your own imagination as to what their photo stream looks like.

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