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see look how much of a goon i am, no time for make-up only time for boots. lets go back in time now and experience this together…

hugging my new friends.

with a tingle of crazy.

i almost feel like making a speech here you guys.

excitement blur.

see the cardboard in there, after taking a bunch of pics before trying them on i shoved my foot inside w/o sock or removing that cardboard and panicked, oh no i can’t get my foot inside they don’t fit! then i put socks on, sat myself down on the bed and before i started crying i jammed my hand inside to happily discover that piece of cardboard. they fit LIKE A DREAM.

fil is very bitter to say the least and he just informed me he doesn’t like me anymore. come on dude you have ten pairs of boots. he wanted the same pair as me in the guy version so we could be brangelina. yeah right, guy just wants another pair of feet outfits.

goony morning hippie hair land, i didn’t put on mascara yesterday so there’s no raccoon mess halfway down my face, just pale red ghost wasp face. that shirt was alicia’s, i had the same one in red with black dots, size 10, got rid of it recently, hers is size 4. there’s a garbage bag full of my cast-aways actually, if you want it email me soon cos it’s getting tossed in the charity bin pretty soon if not.

nice bruise and you can see the wine/melted ice glass on my bedside that i didn’t drink. ps. i was fine all day yesterday until i had a few tiny sips of beer then my heart started pounding. this guy can’t drink anymore!

all this posing is getting me hot.

next i am going to try on all my dress choices for sharpie and samir’s wedding tomorrow and you guys can help me decide, now that the boots are here i am less crazy over my outfit.

earlier: i am pretty sure my boots arrive today i am sitting here as still and as quietly as possible so as not to disrupt the universe and i am afraid to leave for a second to do laundry i can’t miss the buzzer omg buzzed they’re here omg live blogging this package i was smiling like a goon the dude brought them to the door and i yelled I AM SO EXCITED at him and he laughed brb with pictures.

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