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last september’s catskills vacation unused pics

they turned the a/c off in our building and flipped the heat on, it’s central air so we have no idea how to control it i feel like i am going through fucking menopause right now it’s like the time in woodstock we had a fire blazin’ (at nite) last indian summer and we were overheated to the max all week long my face was flushed i’m pretty sure i blew a few braincells from the heat alone but then the last day leslie realised the heat had been on all week long for some reason. it also is like that friends episode when the heat is cranked and stuck and ruins everything i am sitting here in my bikini top and underwear right now with chapstick smeared practically all over my face cos my lips are dried out from all this DRY HEAT what is this the desert? did i miss the arizona old folks newsletter?

geezer next door was givin’ it bad to the lady yesterday i almost called the old people police hotline, i’m not sure if it’s his mother or wife or sister now, i didn’t intervene cos i so cannot deal with stress right now but i have decided that the next time i go out to water the plants and she is doing her back and forth pacing rounds on the balcony i am going to pop my head around the barrier and ask her if she needs help, i have practicing the tone in which i plan to deliver this sentence, it must be just so so she doesn’t get her back up all defensive like women in abusive situations are oft to do for fear of more abuse. he was yelling at her about a sponge and where did she put the goddamn sponge and when she tried to answer he screamed SPEAK SPEAK IDIOT and yelled at her about how it was better before she moved in all in this disgusting tone, i stood there with my door open as still as stone. maybe i could go down to the super and say something?

this concludes the raymi times for now.

oh wait get this, steph and i have boycotted one of my local variety stores because we were 12 cents short on change for a bag of doritos that cost $3.94 (so jacked up) after we counted out all the change between us guy was like sorry no you are short so we had to give him a twenty SO STEAMED after all the business given to your crappily stocked store you cannot budge on this overpriced bag of doritos? awesome. i’m not even going to shop there on labour day (when i’m desperate) or christmas or any of those holidays you are open. he stood there while i dumped my purse on the counter and fished through every pocket corner for dimes and pennies for five minutes only to deny us, total cock!

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