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Steph: talk on commercials

me: k
all lame people
aw girl chosen last

Steph: i havent watched any yet ahaha washin the dishes I GOTTA WATCH

me: i feel bad for the last girl chosen
theyre not even on a beach

Steph: wtf is “earths last eden

me: uh no idea
this is so brutal
that chick is an ex 2004 olympic athlete wtf cant even run up a hill

Steph: oh man
maybe everyone just seems like a huge tool in ep 1

me: they seem super lame this season
this is like the worst live blogging chat of survivor
why does that old guy look like bill nye
bow tie

Steph: awww i thought he was kinda cute
this is boring tho

me: that old lady is so out of there first

Steph: ahahahah totes

me: shes a loon

Steph: hahaha get it, crap

me: theyre blurring out the hot chicks nipple and the nerd didnt tell her about it

Steph: ahahaha oh i felt bad for him

me: me too
he said it would be hot if she ate that termite then she did it cos she wants acceptance

Steph: ahaha
um k marcus is cute

me: bleeding head
head contusions bleed like crazy
even if theyre a tiny nick

Steph: oh man i know first hand

me: ewwwwwwwwwwwwww
sick stitches

Steph: i got 22 in my head once

me: wow

Steph: i ran into a fence

when u were trying to pick a guy up an doing yer classic steph smooth move

Steph: ahahaha actually in a grade 8 way YES i broke my nose and had 2 black eyes too

me: rough

Steph: but also funny
when i was getting my stitches taken out my mom fainted ahaha


me: i am sad for that old lady now i havent really been tuning in cos i am talking to fifty people at once
that videographer has a hate on for her cos they are in the same age bracket
video game guy has a boner for termite eater
old lady doesnt like termite michelle meanwhile old lady is annoying everyone and is useless
this better be a good challenge
i bet this season is going to have the worst ratings
why is that guy wearing a tie still
and why isnt your heart in this anymore

cuz this show has run its course

me: oh man that chick is being voted out cos she is putting them in their place
roger lodge is wicked
edit:haha that’s not roger lodge wrong show


me: and i love that sound effect when someone talks shit they blast a panflute very fiercely
i think the ex olympic chick should be voted out cos she cant run up a hill

AHAHAHAAA i know!!

me: when i get married i want the survivor band to play at my wedding

Steph: blast a panflute very fiercely

me: the one that plays at the final episode

Steph: see u are way more entertaining than this dumb show
my laptop doesnt even face the tv
im in another “room”

me: i think every person in the tribe sucks except for the video game nerd

have some respect

me: um can u not just bring your laptop to the tv
this is so tense

Steph: no wireless

me: wow
the termite eater is only wearing underwear and some sort of sash made into a train behind her
and she has bad skin
and i am goin to crack that one beer in the fridge right now

Steph: dooooo it

im pissed
goes to show never go against the crowd
i hope they get trampled by a fucking stampede of elephants
in their hut while theyre sleeping
omg im happy i made fire now everyone can eat good thing i could make fire WITH THIS FLINT I CREATED THE UNIVERSE
ok beer time i am getting too riled up

Steph: ahahahaha but not the baby elephant from the stock footage that thing looked too cute to trample
ps im watching the office now no idea what you’re talking about

me: oh me either

Steph: ahahahahahahahahaaaa

me: ahh beer
quiets the rage

Steph: ahahahah apricot?

me: no bavaria
should we live chat me drinking one beer
oh god theres a snorer in that hut
omg one guy woke up in the nite to do chores inside the hut

Steph: PAHA

me: now they are all fighting again

Steph: great show
u should be watching the office

me: i cant wait to find out who the racist and the homophobes are
they are using little twigs to brush their teeth

Steph: we already know the agists

me: now theyre mad the youngest kid they chose as leader decided not to be a leader
cos theyre all rippin on him
god i hate these people

Steph: really watch the office

me: CANT im sucked in

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