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remember i was complaining about my wardrobe?

so alicia invited me over to go through garbage bags full of clothes she and joe had purged, she said bring steph, we walked over yesterday then fil showed up and we all scored big! feels so good.

so these jeans, 28s, fit me, as i was pulling them on i was like thanks guys for sending me into a depression spiral then ta-da fit like a dream. i may need to treat myself to some side crunches but other than that, v pleased.

remember how i was crying about wanting peacock feathers? (what a giant fucking baby right?) anyway, alicia gave me a ton of eccentric crazy lady jewelery, my favourite.

got a little greedy. the smaller bag is fil’s loot.

then our skidly little buddy came over for some brews, jackass, late nite salad and cloverfield (SUCKED)(cloverfield did).

skidfanie could not get over how my ass looks in these jeans.

creepin’ on me behind my back! alicia i hope you don’t regret passing that bag lady sweater on to me.

bacon i baked, fresh parmesan i lovingly grated, tomatoes, cucumber, spinach/arugula carrot mix w/ olive oil and jerk sauce dressing.

cid was being a mental cos we smelled like this cat that wandered into alicia’s place, it lives upstairs and when it shows up alicia holds it captive. such a cute friendly guy.

breakfast with dinky this morning, blazin’ sun, my unshowered scalp/hair was greasin’ up big time.

my tan is almost all gone, i’ll have to do something about that.

they totally burnt my bacon i was pissed, did nothing.


birthday gift for my niece, apparently it’s the toy of the year. i was torn between this kit or the cat experiments kit.

and one of these guys, remember them? there was also a bin of mexican jumping beans on the counter and they were rattling and jumping around. i stopped myself from buying any, i asked how long they last for, dude said til the new year. i’ve bought them before and they did fuck all. he said they probably froze at some point.

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