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i’m awake

and i have a chill BRRR i say, as well as fuck this!

not to freak you out or anything but last nite fil and i ordered our first PORNOOOOOOOO and it was TERRIBLE. we decided to scrimp on the price and went with this 5.99 number called 18 and F—able with the uck dashed out exactly like that. my review is this 1. these chicks were NOT 18 and 2. SICK! it was pretty obscene for us, we’re used to telemundo or showcase’s soft core lame shit or their reality shows that we’ve already seen every episode of so being confronted by this real deal business was a shock, on top of zero plot or acting, straight up doing it, raunchy, blah i’m so prudish now. anyway, we fast forwarded all of it with our clothes on and any arousal prior to this piece of shit was taken away. i was pissed because just before ordering i said we should just put my laptop on and check out youporn or redtube, which is what we did only after the fact. it took forever clicking through amateur bullshit to settle on something to be inspired by.

next time i think we should just buy a dvd.

also before all this we watched this doc from 1995 called wired for sex, about the INTERNET and CYBERSEX and TECHNOLOGY and if you have rogers on demand go to tv entertainment under cbc and order it free, you’re welcome for the laughs.

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