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prix fixe perfection

not my title, i’m not that lofty, or gay, ripped from NOW mag’s description of sidecar‘s sunday to wednesdsay dinner menu, which fil and i tried last nite and it was the most delicious meal had in ages. for $22 you get a choice of two salads or soup for starter, and for your main a selection of four dishes available and dessert on top of that.

bonus points for pre-softened butter.

v cozy atmosphere.

amazing caesar salad with pancetta, very heavy garlic w/ equal part anchovy flavour.

fil chose steak frites, A+.

to be perfectly honest and fair, my roast chicken was the show stopper and i felt sorry for fil. asparagus, delicious potatoes and two pieces of chicken, great skin, mysterious jerk-type jam-like gravy, i bet the proper description is on their menu online i’ll get it in a sec. k all it says is this Oven Roasted Chicken, asparagus, mashed potato, pan juices. i’m drawing a blank at what you call that stuff, it’s not exactly the consistency of chutney, well maybe it is and i am an idiot. it in no way overtakes the dish, don’t worry.

oh man i’m on the fone with fil right now and we’re moaning and groaning over how food pornorific this dinner was.

chocolate mousse raspberry coulis SO FUCKING GOOD.

we already want to go again, who’s in?

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