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new winter coat

omfg winter i know but whatever, this guy is by hurley, and the hood lining is an adorable blue velvet (same as by the big blue buttons), size xs, JUST SAYING.

i tried on a zillion, no small feat on a hot day. i am still jeals of steph’s leather guy, she has an extra for me though, if i can fit into it i will be stoked. one day i will stop typing like a surfer, here’s hoping.

anniversary gift, which isn’t til halloween’er but yeah, get the ball rollin’ now why not?

and here is a new apron shirt

really i was searching for a dress to wear to sharpie/samir’s wedding which is so soon, came out with nothing. i’ll post pics of this one hoochie’d out thing that made me look pregnant, fil gave it the a-ok, but he’s a dude, dude’s don’t get it. day of wedding you visualize everyone in their finery and you look at your get-up and have the world’s biggest meltdown. i also have a few dresses up my sleeve i have to re-try on so maybe i won’t have to get a new one, i might even hit up the success dress for one last hurrah. if my frye’s show up in time i am set.

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