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look it’s me again

please explain to me what is going on here thank you. when i google hangover this guy comes up and all his wacky friends. is it like an internet meet-up from 1990? i want in. they’re so zany i’m obsessed! if you go on the main page of that link it explains what’s going on: Over Labor Day 1997, Kris Jacobs hosted a get-together (dubbed “WOBCon II”) at Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels, Texas. Many more WOBbers attended, and this, too, was a great success with a wonderful time being had by all (except, perhaps, those whose undies ended up in the freezer!). Such a great time was had, that a pact was formed by those present that this should be repeated each year over Labor Day weekend. It was also the means to share the many photos and stories that was the original reason to dedicate a web site to a mailing list!

why not go to a beach
on labor day hhahaha i know

me: awesome
so good they went to a cabin for the third one

me: are u stalking them now hahaha

me: theyre partying right now! well i wouldn’t call it stalking

me: as we speak
HA i know!
i’m actually kinda jealous of the nerds now

me: i am too! i wish i was at a cottage :(

me: dont start or i will kill myself
omg they have a one liners page!

2 thoughts on “look it’s me again

  1. Yeah. It was fun. Schlitterbahn (pronounced “splitterbum”), Labor Day 1997. Kris found your post and let us know over on the Wob – and yes, it’s still going.
    I’m the guy in the white t-shirt, 4th pic.

    Good memories. An awesome weekend and really really great people.

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