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oh man all i want to do is talk about lean on me right now but i have a bunch of stupid pictures to put up instead first, did you know candyman was in lean on me? big news i know. k here are the rest of thursday nite’s shitshow. oh and the heat lamps fucked with my pictures.

so, steph shows up already hammed. it was funny.

i have no idea what they’re talking about here cos steph’s ADD totally rubbed off on me. i do know that alicia came by yesterday to get her ID and was all you’re so skinny you look so skinny what is that and i say uh, it’s because i’m skinny and she goes uh no it’s not. hahaha. then says well i was thinking that yesterday too you looked skinny. DUDE MAYBE IT’S COS I-AM-SKINNNNNNNNNNY! deal with it!

you are in my posing area.

no one can get over how much of a cock cid is they think they can win him over on the spot cos they see him in pictures on my blog, trust me guys, he hates you.

what is this wilson phillips?


oh man k had enough.

oh jen.

heat lamp sauna.

blast you heat lamp!

aw poor steph so nervous! her jealousy was palpable from across the room when i would glitz and glide from conversation to conversation effortlessly. this is what she was thinking in her head if you don’t say anything you won’t say anything stupid. this was a big nite for our girl.

fil and some guy he went to school with who noticed fil bla blah snore.

dude hired by skyy to spy on us and take pictures conveniently shows up as vodka runs out, then eventually was replenished, we were so parched waiting for it we got beers and not even a minute later a bottle materializes. he got a nice pic of me pouring it straight in my mouth. you’re welcome skyy vodka.

oh what a striking green!

it’s ok you’re safe now. weed plus booze plus crowded patio, did you learn your lesson?

i would not shut up about jimmy so embodying charlie bucket. there’s something hugely unfair about party dudes with grey hair, women can’t pull that off. i intend to try it.

olga and sonia made jen this creepy texas chainsaw massacresque doll.

then off to social for the mobilemoment party. interesting scene.

i texted MY FRIEND HAS BIG LABES WHAT DO I DO SHE IS BY THE SPEAKERS but it didn’t appear. i wrote something else less offensive afterward, can’t remember.

a pint glass spilled, fil swears up and down it was the reverb that did it. ooh and we got free cab chits too. wicked.

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