in an attempt to de-clutter our space, i’m getting rid of my beloved faux tiger rug. it just needs to be vacuumed, and will be. whoever wants it can have it free for the price of a coffee, otherwise to the charity bin it goes.

every time i walk by that part of the room and glance at the window its face startles me oh what fun.

hey dudes

we r at matts rite now and he has the tiniest keyboard for his puter it is essentially a blackberry on top of that i dont have the patience to figure out the commands for say an apostrophy why am i even bothering on top of that my thumbnails are as long as shit so this is extra tough. bonus i just watched some rock of love 2 omgsville! oh look at that — an exclamation point. we rode our bikes here not looking forward to the ride back uphill. i’m not even close to finishing this sapporo yes i figured out the apostrophy. uuuuuuuuuuuuh we r going to a show soon is going to meet me too if u wanna hang call me. last nite was sober nite so i better watch it tonite. i wore teeny shorts to the lcbo and gave the same bitch who dogged me last time about them a solid glare. it’s not going to be so hot tonite i wanted to change into pants but fil didnt want to wait YOU R WELCOME 4 THIS UPDATE OF THE CENTURY now im going to browse thru matt’s history c ya.

nevermind i dont feel like being grossed out right now honestly this stupid little keyboard is sucking all the joy out of using this computer matt u r a mentalcase i almsot want to clip my thumbnails just to impart more wisdom onto my piece of shit blog. ok more importantly these dudes have lapped me double brew-wise i have some work to do bye for real u guys ill take a pic of this keyboard foru cos i kno u care xoxoxooxxooxxoxoxoxoxoxo!

the girl you see when you dream of coffeehouses


so saturday nite we went out for drinks with brad to one of our locales, we sit at the bar, things are going great, chit chatting with the bartender, then after the buzz rolls on in i say hey take my picture will ya to fil, he does, and i look dumb in each one, so he takes several, then we carry on as such but not until the bartender says to me curtly um WHY are you so OBSESSED with pictures of yourself? caught off guard i say i’m not, it’s for my website, and then i said my people (readers? i know i didn’t say fans) are obsessed with me (can’t remember actual wording but tone was very sarcastic humble JOKEY) and she snorts WOAH that is so egomaniacal of you WOW (i think she’s also drunk)(ps. maybe if you looked at a computer you would get it) guffaws and carries on talking more shit as she moves away. i just shook my head, plunked down and exhaled a bunch of fucking flames out of my nose. first of all, egomaniacal is MY word and i was clearly kidding and i don’t appreciate being asked a question just so the asker can have an opportunity to talk over me while i answer it then laugh at me and thirdly why does everyone have such a fucking attitude problem at this bar? we paid and left and even brad was like what the fuck was that? they’re all possessive of him there, it’s really petty. anyway, if given the proper chance i would have explained to this OLDER THAN ME chick (yes age is relevant here)(well i don’t actually know that for a fact but she sure seems older in the face)(but is also kinda babeish too so that’s another wtf relax) that it’s for my blog, i looked fat and stupid in all the pictures i needed just ONE, well i did say something to that effect, no matter, it doesn’t concern you, how many people do you approach taking pictures and ask why they are so obsessed with taking pictures? leave me alone and serve me my fucking drink don’t make this a thing.

it was very other side of the bar, as explained to me once before from a friend, bartender chicks/servers typically have resentment toward female patrons, like, that used to be me bullshit. i don’t care, don’t be rude to me for no fucking reason AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN because no one’s taking your picture or cos you serve drinks to barflies. ps. who cares nothing is going on at all in this fucking bar and i’m bored should i just sit there pretending to listen to every word coming out of everyone’s mouth around me?

here are the pictures in question:

i was caught off guard cos this girl has always been nice and cool or whatever then flip snap nasty out of the blue. this post will likely get back to her too, i don’t care, i accept your apology in advance.

anyway, my phone service provider has been calling me all morning, apparently they want to keep me so i am getting a free phone, fil hasn’t been online or reachable, his opinion in the matter is needed because, it’s fil, ha. anyway i have a choice between the nokia 3555 and the motorola k1srm. thoughts? i am happy with the phone i have right now, it’s a nokia, also i don’t want to lose all my numbers by switching to a motorola.

nevermind fil says i should tell them to fuck off they just want me to sign another contract.

my first wii fit hulahoop attempt

it really is a workout, there’s more footage of it but it’s kinda lewd and the room is too dark for you to make anything out other than my thighs and shorts and then fil ruins it by filming my actual progress on the screen (which btw i beat his score)(who cares about progress?). you weigh yourself when you start and it measures your bmi, we are both normal, though i am in the lower section of normal closer to underweight. i put in that i wanted to lose ten pounds in two months, we’ll see how that goes. ahah rofl.

oh yeah as we were inputting our data height whatever i was standing on the scale stuffing my face with super doughy garlic bread. fun-E.

my red leggings are there. haha @ wolf shirt SO TRUE!

my grandpa’s memorial tree

and my decapitated legs

my dad had this to say: Hey … that’s sweet …. is that one of Mom’s dresses? It looks like one I think she used to wear. by mom he means HIS mother, i think he forgets that i am his daughter and not his sibling hahaha. well not really, it’s mostly a british thing.

we hung out for an hour in gairloch gardens before heading to the pub for fil’s mom’s bday get together. i forgot my camera, ungh. it was fil’s idea to take pictures, i totally wore him down though. we saw a fat toad. i wore granny panties and ruined a whole bunch of jumping pics with my flippy dress and total boner killer underwears. oh well next time.

ps. kathleen needs a roomie!

another pair of fil’s underwear bit the dust, what is it with dudes and sentimentality over their totally falling apart eye sore briefs? i guess i’m one to talk as i’m currently rocking a pair on their last legs.

we rode to the movie store and man was it ever exhilarating, when we got back i was like oh wasn’t that nice! to fil and he says um you didn’t invent riding bikes i said not my point, didn’t that just feel great? anyway, it brings me back, nevermind. so freeing. we rented 21 and holy shit does kevin spacey ever look like my dad.

blogs are the dungeons and dragons of our times

so you know that episode of that 70’s show when they forget kitty’s birthday so they go out to the gas station and get her a balloon, a funnel, air freshener and a map, well, we recreated that shitty gift for fil’s mom last nite, no we didn’t forget her birthday, it’s actually today. haha i’m watching the part on youtube right now when she opens the funnel and red says COS I KNOW HOW YOU LIKE TO POUR THINGS. ahhahahahaahahah. they actually got her two balloons and NO car air freshener and eric suggests giving her a lighter when she starts to lose it, oh well close enough.

i went into this party store and requested one orange balloon please! practically bursting at the seams oh man oh man ask me why ask me why i want one orange balloon how wacky is that! she didn’t ask, i didn’t tell. 25 cents for a balloon by the way, a dollar 25 for it filled with helium. what a rip. by the time we left after dinner it was already deflating too.

when we were in canadian tire holding these items i proclaimed wow what an incredibly shitty gift. hysterical. when she opened it and was politely chuckling at the air fresheners i couldn’t contain myself so i explained it, we all watched the episode three weeks ago at dinner and fil’s mom said she would LOVE to get a funnel so i jabbed fil a bajillion times and made that creepy leery i am so smart open mouth lizard face like we are so going to give her that gift. her real present is play tickets ps. she thought the gift was really cute.

in grade 8 i had ESP.

how funny everyone had to fill out these imaginary high school course things and how many people dropped out entirely. ps. religion is in the grade 9 column because i went to catholic school and high school and then switched to public come grade ten thank fuck i mean jesus.

my niece made this, it’s rocky in his litter box.

my dad’s three heroes, jfk, john lennon and his father also named john.

my granpa’s old ride.

my parents, i stole this picture when i moved out at 19 and framed it even though they were separated, then i put paint on it cos i thought it was eccentric.

liz‘s painting arrived!! it’s taken from the picture i used for the cover of dear raymi. i am also baked in that photograph.


desserts we got from fortino’s, mini cheesecake, portuguese custard, choc. something and raspberry crumble whatever.

oh here is something that ground my gears, stopped off at g’s to get some chips because, because i wanted them, anyway, these two white dweebs were having one of those loud show-off conversations and as i am paying the tall one with the gross beard says to his short hobbit pustule-faced companion I AM SO SICK OF BALLSY GIRLS ONES WITH UGH CONFIDENCE, I WANT ONES THAT KNOW THEIR PLACE! in my head i am exploding as i am counting out my perfect change and the woman is saying thank you, you paid, go away now basically, i lag a few secs while zipping up my purse, turn and give that guy the dirtiest look in the universe and he says AW COME ON DON’T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT and i walk out. cos of that shooting i am trying to watch my p’s and q’s, but what i really wanted to say was YOU ARE A FUCKING LOSER or GOOD LUCK WITH THAT or rip his stupid fucking beard out. the end.