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oh hey guys, how was the internet while i was away? good? great. i guess you’re interested in hearing about the adventures of aunt raymi while she was gone yeah? ok, ‘roid voice, LETS DO THIS!

from the top…

spicy green curry a la noodle bowl from thursday, A+.

love letter to fil.

gta4 with my bro.

oh man friday i didn’t eat all day then i had a two piece meal from KFC (w/two “salads” in lieu of fries) gross i know, i can’t even recall the last time i ate that garbage it’s been so long, then after some brews and weed i inhaled 2/3 of this bag and onion dip, just like old times, exactly like old times.

when it comes to chemical onion dip i canNOT control myself, the house could be burning down all around me and i’d just be sitting there shoving one after the other into my ‘maw not even breathing, it’s bad.

i haz the eater’s guilt.

this cat is such a spaz, never sits still for my pictures.

noonish the next day after crap sleep, my brother made me take the couch, it is 3 inches shy of being able to fully extend your legs, i don’t remember it being that short. we stayed up ’til 4 playing gta4 and even watched jackass 2 ungh.

my sleeping uniform. that house is colder than a fucking morgue.

then off to babysit the dogs saturday. oh and part of the belt i wear practically everyday went missing in that room, le siiiiiiiiigh. must be a sign?

rode bikes to carla/bryce’s for coffin pool party, badminton and whatever that game is called where you hurl a wiffle ball at each other with those yellow plastic detergent jug-type implements. fil broke two badminton rackets. inertia he says.

turbo’s dirtnap.

on our way to carla’s we were caught in three separate downpours, awesome, when we got there it didn’t rain once and the sun stayed out. we rode back to fil’s mom’s, fed the dogs, changed, then went over to matt’s. pics of that later.

on the friday nite i went out with my bro and dad to a pub to see a band and shit did i ever stick out like a sore thumb, if you are ever feeling insecure and fugly, go to the suburbs, you will be the hottest youngest babe in every bar ;)

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