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sore as balls right now

i almost fainted doing super hula hoop yesterday, then while jogging my stomach hurt stupid bad. i think i’m going to hold off for today. we bailed on going to neater’s party last nite, i have just been in a horrible horrible funk lately can’t seem to get back up on the pony. i’m giving fil the nite off so if you see him around, try not to have sex with him. tomorrow we will be away too, looking forward to it and doggies and swimming.

we watched vince vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show: 30 Days & 30 Nights – Hollywood to the Heartland last nite, it is really funny, watch it.

oh and at least my joker zit came back while i was wii fit jogging and i kept touching it and made it worse then exploded it and now it is a hybrid zit of two in one GREAT AMAZING COULDN’T BE BETTER!

ps. wii fit jogging is essentially just dancing on the spot in your sweaty underwear with the controller in your hand and all of your mii friends cheer you on and wave at you and little dogs run all around you. all the mii people you create exercise with you in every game, it’s basically a game for losers who never make it out to hang with their real life friends. it’s the my buddy/kid sister of yesterday, but today!

i googled my buddy and found a picture of you instead

what other bullshit can i regale you with, i’m basically procrastinating from showering and packing as much as i can at the moment. tonite i’m going to be partying at a dive bar with my brother and dad, can’t wait. which tickle trunk outfit do i dazzle the suburbans with tonite and socially alienate myself by? short shorts aladdin slippers probably, what else do i got? nothing.

also, fess up, who made this missed connection?

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