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thighs party

my aladdin slippers are pretty close to biting the dust i am ever so saddened.

post-horseshoe, i didn’t bother going back to see king khan and the whatevers fil and matt did i have so blown my live music gasket. i at least got to babysit fil’s gigantic backpack.

aw charlie brown christmas tree.

sass and the stupid keyboard. i am embarrassed to share this but last nite i did not believe there was such thing as a tab key, officially i am a lightweight boozer, g-reat! i asked how to scroll into a different field they said tab duh i’m all tab? wtf? it was a very pitt-moment.

this is the part when i shared the story of fil and raymi to sass and how raymi used to love going to concerts during the courting phase of their relationship.

see how haggard and tired raymi is from this lifestyle heh ;)

this bike is a challenge uphill, not that i’m going up steep mountains, everyone knows down from bloor going south is a coasty breeze, then at the end of the nite riding back up there is a slight incline slope ugh, fil was all braggy on my grandpa’s bike cos it has gears. none the less, i’m sore as fuck right now, also from the wii fit, it feels like my organs are bruised, reminiscent of the time i stopped drinking for a week and i was in sheer pain now i realise it’s cos i also started working out with a personal trainer at the time haha idiot.

ok i just realised i didn’t take one picture of matt last nite so here is one i lifted from his facebook from now on i will make more of an effort to not take so many pictures of myself.


ok back to me

we were treated to the wonderful sounds of a nearby nightclub for the duration of our visit, sadly, matt has to deal with it wednesdsay thru saturday, worst music ever too.

blurry view.

actually fluorescent yellow, torn out now, bad anxiety i guess.

here is the mental patient outfit i almost wore last nite, i cut those overalls up to my ass, i just could never pull them off, they rest at a totally unflattering spot on my hips, fully showcasing love handles need not be revealed:

victoria’s secret negligee yeah seriously wasn’t thinking.

second outfit.

final choice obvs.

so wii fit totally destroyed my self esteem yesterday, i did another body test ie. weighed myself, and overnight i gained a pound. that feature is dangerous. fil found a dude who routinely used his wii fit and in 5 weeks his stomach was totally flat, i know this sounds premature but i am already noticing a difference.

r/r saw a lynx!

ps. i LOVE esme‘s new blog so much.

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