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i thought you might like to know

that i just wore my batman shirt out and a girl smiled at me and of course in my size of a football field ego i figured it means she wants to get it on so i will totally be scouring craigslist for the next two days. j/k! also, i overheard many a comment about it [shirt]. if you need to desperately get laid i will lend you my shirt for a nite. moving on, picked up some toothpaste, conditioner, vermicelli and spicy green curry for dinner. the vermicelli is crap however, i need some fuel for round 3 of wii fit. there has been some progress in the laundry nemesis department, she initiated conversation, though i am confused as to what the meaning behind it was, she says JUST IN TIME and TOO BAD THERE ARE ONLY FOUR MACHINES meanwhile she is pulling her wet clothes out of a washer and putting them into a dryer. i said um i try to save it all up at once, what the fuck does that even mean? i felt like she knew i hate her guts or something, or maybe she looked at my rainbow assortment of clothing and assumed i would need ten washing machines JUST LIKE HER. yeah that’s probably it.

oh right the reason for this post is a dude was sitting alone in the park at a picnic bench having an argument on his cell to maybe a parent, a mother, or a girlfriend, he was screaming for them to stop calling him names and I HAVE TO GO TO CLASS THAT’S WHAT MY LIFE IS ABOUT then he hangs up and lights a stress cigarette and gets back on the phone, more screaming, more shit about class and then SO YOU’RE TELLING ME THERE IS NO FOOD IN THIS FRIDGE? several times, hangs up and slams his phone down and assumedly breaks it cos he doesn’t get back on and he fumbles around with it.

listening to that stressed me out so much i inhaled the majority of my vermicelli.

and now it is raining fat drops and so windy i hope my plants don’t get shredded.

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