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what’s up guys?

mimosas, that’s what. and mariokart. and i beat the game before fil. crazy thunderstorms all afternoon, sun showers too, before that when i went out to get coffee and breakfast (from las iguanas)(breakfast burrito + breakfast special) it was piping HOT, talkin’ steeeeeeeamy and 22-25 degrees! we’re gonna roadtest a new recipe tonite i will film it for all you little rude foodies out there. nothing insane, pretty simple. i’m diggin’ on these leggings, they remind me of dance class, why couldn’t this look be in style when i was a kid?

i picked up some new eye liner, was going to treat you to a video of the inaugural eye application, thought better of it, knew it would turn out cleopatra tranny. feh. here’s to no longer dragging mascara along my lower eyelid in lieu of the proper stuff.

we’re not really breakfast people so the majority of my plate went to waste and hell yeah i smother everything in sour cream, even bacon. i used to order a side of sour cream at KOS when it was at bathurst/college all the time. this is what we’re doing for dinner.

i blame ordering this on fil, he asked me to get him a tuna sandwich (he’s trying to eat healthier) which translated to champagne and grease as it traveled through raymi’s pre-caffeine brain. i remember when i wasn’t so thin and i tried and tried to lose weight and couldn’t (had to wait for meds to wear off and my metabolism to snap back) and fil could eat garbage all the time and i was basically starving myself and still a beast, not fair.

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