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it would be selfish to make you wait for the gem what is my dead drunken eyes

click to enlarge the awesome.

in the words of kiki dunst, DEPRESSION NOT ADDICTION I SWEAR IT!

ps. rugby shirt dude may or may not have narrowly avoided a shit beating last nite, i somewhat regret intervening, turns out he fully deserved it. nice flip flops you donut.

oh yeah tomorrow at the opera house we’re seeing this “folky, canadian jeff buckley” interesting arty theatre student PETER KATZ dude. ungh mouthful. it’s his last local gig before embarking on a UK tour this summer, so people really need to see him before the brits claim him.

he even has a poetry section on his blog for all you whimsical hurtbags, ha. basically, i’m going, so you have to go too. i will even let you pet my hair, maybe.

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