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sorry my little lesbians

after blogging for other people you don’t have any steam left to be like I SAW THAT I DID THIS THESE ARE MY THOUGHTS BLAH BLAH INSERT PENIS JOKE. ungh. oh plus half my readers were too busy memorial daying off yesterday to care about my stupid blog, like, what do you do for memorial day anyway, go through all of your memorialies, hahaaha. sigh.

i said no to going to the jays game yesterday with pitt (still hung from the weekend and had work to do) and no to the bruce macdonald movie party launch whatever (free drinks, bad idea), instead i put my face into a plate of singapore vermicelli and inhaled, then we rented dan in real life which was half shitty and half endearing with more unrealistic idealistic garbage thrown in for good measure.

and now i must depart.

speaking of pitt, i have a new irish joke, he’s a member of the CIA: CATHOLIC IRISH ALCOHOLICS.

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