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yesterday was BRUTAL all day long fuzzy retard headed anyway blah blah my life is a party what else is new etcetera and so on. it was fil’s high school reunion on saturday, the organizers fucked it up tho so we didn’t actually attend anything official other than a bbq where i got cut and told everyone about how i crapped my pants once.

i ended up taking a cab to the market to meet fil and hubbo with like the only change in the world i had left and walked out the door in my short shorts like so turns out the world is your biggest fan when you dress like a mental patient and by world i mean dudes. i waited forever for a cab and thought ok maybe i’ll walk so i walk a teeny bit and every wasted guy on a patio got quiet when i went by and exploded in catcall laughter once i was a metre or so away like i can still hear you geniuses. the annex is no place for my tickle trunk outfits. it’s funny when you walk by tables of dudes and there’s one girl stuck with them and they are forced to talk shit about you just to even the playing field, sad. sorry if you weren’t such a wet blanket you wouldn’t have to suffer adulation of my behind.

evidence of hangover, and i had poutine too! me!

i also ate this yesterday for breakfast

merkley‘s book came!

what a dick. no, but really, the book is amazing and inspiring. here‘s the skinny on how you can get yourself one of these collector’s items.

i’m sad about the busted ipod, it still works, it just won’t scroll, and it’s integral to my work outs, you see i ride this shitty exercise bike for 20 minutes and i time it on the ipod by changing songs for the duration of the 20 minutes (wicked ADD bad and biking is boring as hell) and then i get off and do the row machine, anywho, how do i know when 20 minutes is up w/o an ipod how do i exercise and force myself to enjoy it without music to flail my arms to? can they fix ipods at the apple store?

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