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look it’s me in a vintage ferrari!

this is the exact same car our friend had as a kid, his parents sold it, then he made lots of moohla, found it and bought it back.

alright more later.

this post is brought to you by i am better than you.

ps. don’t snort adderall.

fil got an american apparel hoodie yesterday, i forced him to, of course we went to winners first and of course he didn’t find one there (NEVER DOES AND NEVER LISTENS TO ME) and i suffer for his not having the proper hoodie/cardi to go with whatever t-shirt he is wearing when we are last minuting our party outfits ungh anyway, i’m sitting here in a towel trying to visit the entire internet cos i do not want to have to carry this hoodie to fil fifty million blocks away so if you have anything you want me to do now’s the time to ask.

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