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latte time with aunt raymi!

one more for the road, i may or may not smash a glass in this video.

and might i add that it’s not what i am doing in these little vids that matters, it’s fact that i am doing them at all, for you lonely lonely sad people. HUG.

xenia keeps dreaming about me

oh god raymi i had another dream about you
i walked into a bar and you were there then we both looked at the hall and there was a scale, but in its package, like a weight scale, and for some reason it was hilarious?
do you think i’ll dream about you every day?
and the harder I’ll try not to the worst it’ll be?
whats gonna happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOW TO HAVE A SHITTY BLOG like mine no yours!

hey look, it’s me on shrooms dust and drunk and dancing from 2005!


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