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good news losers!

i totally ruined my mom skirt!

cid’s all what’s going on?

oh, right, he says.

bunless webers for dinner chased down with peameal

i was starving and impatient so i had my burger and peameal separately as in actually chased my patty with the peameal oh right you care.

then off to rent a movie. downstairs in the lobby all the owners were partying down for their annual make fil and raymi use the side door to avoid their wine breath and refreshments meeting. they’re putting in a guest unit in the sauna area in the gym wtf how is this going to affect exercise time and why didn’t they ask my permissions!

i can’t wait to be reunited with my old man bicycle.

mural at the vegetarian restaurant, my weber peameal chaser just wasn’t enough.

we rented gone baby gone. i sided with casey affleck in his decision to do the right thing, very uncharacteristic of me, fil sided with his gf, in the end i changed my mind.

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