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i just paid my over 200 dollar phone bill

thanks new orleans!

maybe i should call rogers and change my plan afterall or demand a free phone this is bananas if i added up all the money i gave those skeeves since i was 19 i could buy an ice cream truck like cheech and chong and have adventures and ice cream and pick up junkies.

oh yeah i also wanted to tell you about cid and i’s favourite game it’s called SEE HOW MANY TIMES I CAN SPEED PET HIM AFTER HE WAKES UP FROM A NAP BEFORE HE PSYCHOTICALLY FLIPS OUT ALL OVER MY ARM.

about 6 in the morning i got up to wizz and when i went back to bed cid (purposely) got between the bed and myself and i totally tripped launched swan-dived into bed (from the doorway, so like three feet!) and hit my shin on the wood part around the box spring what a fucking DICK i’m trying to decide what sort of favour i should return today, i already took my sweet ass time unloading the dishwasher (filmed part of it) the tinkling sounds of the plates and glasses and cutlery totally makes his skin crawl, we think it tickles his ear drum, but anyway he is the moron who insists to sit as close as possible to the kitchen while i unload the dishwasher he’s like oh fuck i hate you and i hate this but i am NOT missing it for the world, just like the pricks who say my blog is garbage BUT YOU’LL BE BACK TOMORROW TO MAKE SURE IT IS STILL GARBAGE!

one time i wrote about cid and sophie (or ollie) the dog the week we babysat fil’s mom’s dogs and we brought cid over and i said it was funny watching cid slap sophie, and some chick in my comments thought cid was a person and i was blogging about how funny it is that this person slapped a dog so she got all THAT IS NOT FUNNY!

and i said uh yes it totally is ps. CID IS A CAT!

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