oh look it’s me at ANOTHER SHOW

oh boy i was grand company last nite.

god my camera takes shitty pictures in the dark.

this is me being moody that britt is leaving after sound and fury, the first act.

aw. look how much room he gives me to scroll with the mouse.


groupie scum section.

still there, i keep expecting someone to write SUUUUUUUUUCKS over it.

ungh die mannequin try hard courtney lovesque poseur also played last nite, remember when she gyrated my fucking face?

demonstrating to britt how die mannequin stole my innocence.

big dude was wearing black jogging pants and velcro running shoes, brown dude was wearing a dog collar with skull and cross bones on it. if i opened my mouth and made a comment about every single person i saw last nite’s outfit i would lose my voice, too many things to be said.

ugliest doofus shoes award goes to you.

everytime i came out of the john fil said i looked like i was hovering, i said uh how he goes cos you look SO above it. i had perma-bitch scowl on, and did shots of gold by myself, i said the only way i can deal with this scene right now is by maintaining lubrication. we got passes for free ps. ok and guess who headlined? sum 41. it’s for fil’s portfolio ok dudes go easy.

what happened to the brown dude in the band? i didn’t get one look at the drummer, steveo? the only dude i like.

last nite was an all ages crowd too so you can imagine how party that was. where i was sitting beside me they roped off a section of area for avril lavigne and her entourage and had gobs of security too, geez chill out will ya, i was like the only person to even care that she was there ha.

low fat chicken meatballs with jerk sauce and low fat sour cream, when finished i pass the plates to fil, assuming he will soak them. i found this morning that his version of soaking is leaving dishes BESIDE the sink so that the food cakes on to them.

so desperate for something other than what was going on i chatted up this chick and told her how pleased i was to see that she was reading the golden compass trilogy and that i liked that particular book (the second in the series) the most, this was right after i pounded a shot and then find out she’s 19, i gave her my card too, hi!

nachos sans nachos

yep, finally did it.

these guys will be your nachos.

warning: the following picture might make you barf

ground turkey smells like BO once you nuke it a bit.

once the onions are browned chuck the turkey in then the cheese (we used an extra old cheddar)



i cannot believe he fits in that teeny basket.

you essentially eat a bit less cos of the time it takes (which isn’t much at all) to prep each “nacho”

fil and i have different methods of loading up the romaine, i do it neatly, fill up half, eat it, then fill the other half of the leaf and eat that, whereby fil loads the entire thing like a hot dog and gets crap everywhere.


i’m on the brink of being sober this was to be my last drink

workout day 3!

Highwaisted: welcome to the world of fitness
seriously, how amazing do you feel afterwards?

me: amazing!
and totally dumb for not doing it sooner

Highwaisted: it takes me a good 3 weeks before i notice a difference, but you feel so good mentally and physically

me: yes
the mental change happens pretty much immediately

Highwaisted: think about how ripped you will be if you keep it up with like 6 weeks. holy bathing suit body

me: im going to do it everyday cos im stubborn
even tho its shitty machines
my body takes to exercise very easily
changes happen quick

Highwaisted: running kicks your ass the most i would say.

me: like i lost 28 lbs with basically no exercise
just walking

Highwaisted: you should incorporate some running
pump it up a notch

me: longboarding

Highwaisted: oh yes loooooooooooooongboarding

me: dont get all susan powder on me dude i just started

Highwaisted: ew. as if i am susan powder. have you seen my ass?
also i emailed fil. which guy is kevin in the dunes?

me: i dont know anything about any bands because i am cooler than music

Highwaisted: ugh. lesbian hotness
what do you mean cooler than music?

me: im too cool to know who kevin is
do you need an aletheometer to decode what i am saying

Highwaisted: alright forget it.

me: fil might know

Highwaisted: yes i emailed him

me: welcome to the world of gchat where the fun never stops or my shitty jokes either

Highwaisted: apparently

me: !

Highwaisted: you mean condescending remarks

me: dude no

Highwaisted: i am razzing you

me: you are sensitive on the internet
i get sensitive to peoples sensitivities

Highwaisted: no im just pmsing like a god damn rare steak

but good one
how much do you hate lacy on rock of love

Highwaisted: it doesnt really make sense, but whatevs
omg i love rock of love

Highwaisted: i told myself i would never start typing omg just like i would never wear tight shirts like the other girls in grade 8 because i had no boobs
if i was there, i would shit in lacy’s shampoo bottle

me: i would tear out her lip ring

Highwaisted: and put laxatives in her beers

me: and throw her in the pool
like she did to that pink hair girl
fucking snake

Highwaisted: i like the pink hair girl
i think she is my favorite
her and the blow job chick

me: fil needs to let me be on a reality show like this so i can fight with cougars
i like the bipolar one obvs

Highwaisted: i also like the bipolar one.
i think she will get far
bret loves all that drama despite what he says

me: i think he likes the busted chicks tho

Highwaisted: woah stop typing what im thinking

me: i would like to fake dance up to him then “accidentally” whip off his bandana and expose his receedo hairline


me: cos he wants people to think he isnt balding

Highwaisted: for fuck sakes. thats it then right? receding hairline?

me: and his outfits!

Highwaisted: plastic red jacket whats up

me: that made so much noise at elimination last nite
and his cowboy hat when they try to kiss him its all down in the way so they do this hokey pokey face dance

Highwaisted: hahahahaahahah i am laughing outloud
what a douche
we should start a canadian rock of love
raine maida!
is he still married?

me: yes

Highwaisted: ok um. jeff martin!

me: u are all about canadiana music

Highwaisted: no im not.

me: you would be the evilest one in the house

Highwaisted: uneducated guess raym’s

me: how many canadian musicians have you dated

Highwaisted: yes probably i agree.

me: i would talk the most shit
and be the most hated

Highwaisted: or the hottest

me: the slobbiest drunkest
and accused of not being there for sincere reasons
and id be like got me
and get up and leave

Highwaisted: i dont think i could rock that pole though.

me: i would fall on my face
and then it would be a viral video

Highwaisted: and your nose would bleed
and then everyone would spread that your a blow face

me: nice
and then dont forget fighting with other chicks
and being accused of being a racist

Highwaisted: also something i can’t do.
fight girls

me: i just verbally assault them til they want to punch me and cos i’d come across as over the top crazy they dont bother

Highwaisted: hmm i can’t even recall ever having a girl want to fight me.

me: nah actually i would be as deviant and phony as possible and gain everyones trust
like in elementary school

Highwaisted: hahaha scratch the last 10 mins of convo

me: id be like johnny fairplay from survivor
brb cid is here and smells

Highwaisted: mmm cid i love cid
can i babysit him one day?
and then i will train him to love me more then fil and then when fil comes to pick him up cid will be all no way man.

me: yeah right
i mean if we go away u can come by and feed and hang with him
and joe
cid is suicidal when fil isnt around
does not purr

Highwaisted: you are just saying that so fil thinks cid misses him

me: its true
when fil went to ireland (pre raymi) cid mourned for him on his bed in the basement everyday
for months!
its the gayest most intense relationship ever
oh god can we not talk about cid i just put up 30 pics of him

Highwaisted: that is nice. i need a fucking pet

me: i want my own!
and want to train it to despise fil
or i dunno maybe get a life

Highwaisted: would you get a cat?
or a dog?
or a monkey?!

me: a kitten
that stays small forever
a dwarf siamese
dogs are too high maintenance

Highwaisted: what are those ones that have flat ears and short legs?

me: and the only kind of dog i would want would be ridiculously small and pointless
oh those japanese ones

Highwaisted: mm i love those ones.
i am writing to slice and telling them to do a canadian rock of love.

me: nice!!!!!!!!!!!!

Highwaisted: for crap sakes i just got booted

me: aw
i noticed
i thought u went off to compose yer email to make us famous in the reality tv circuit

Highwaisted: i am a multi tasker raym’s
come to the framework videoshoot on saturday!

me: oh whats that

Highwaisted: i sent youthe invite on fb

me: oh

Highwaisted: i invited fil too
they need hot hip babes

me: i read that as hip hop

Highwaisted: hahahahahha

me: i dont think theres a shortage of those in toronto

Highwaisted: yeah you can borrow my sweatsuit i just bought

me: whats the video premise

Highwaisted: it has gold crowns on it
black and white dress code.

me: you are the size of a munchkin i would rip thru your clothes like the incredible hulk

some redonk.

just get some of these totally unimportant pics out of the way, yes they’re cut off in this template blah bla.


Phil: make sure his neck is ok

me: omg
he is definitely alive

just when you think your life couldn’t be any more gay, it gets gayer.

no! you’re the one who needs to get a life!

how white people enjoy their live music in toronto

oh and here is the event listing on facebook for my birthday party this saturday, it’ll be at the gladstone BE THERE BEFORE 9 don’t do your ridiculous “pre-drinking” elsewhere, do your pre-drinking with me at the g-stone OK if you want a good spot, or table, or want to sit anywhere near me AT MY BIRTHDAY PARTY. i’m this close to being suicidal right now at turning 25 so if you give a care, prove it. ungh. oh and i’ll be pre-menstrual or on my period (yay!) so i’ll also be feeling fat, with zits, and old, and tired, and get ready to have fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun! BUT i will be wearing that polka dotted dress (if i’m not too bloated), so there’s that.